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As electricity prices continue to rise, picking an enegry efficient air conditioning system for your home will have a positive impact on one’s bills. Reverse cycle air conditioning systems have evolved very quickly to ensure that they are energy efficient.

Reverse cycle air conditioners can heat as well as cool your home or office workplace. A professionally designed and installed reverse cycle air conditioning system, is one of the most efficient ways to heat your home or office using electricity.

During the colder winter months, a reverse cycle air conditioner absorbs heat from the outside/outdoor air to warm the air within the room/rooms of the building.

This is a more energy efficient technique than other , conventional heaters which tend to create heat energy.

The air conditioning systems have been designed and manufactured to suit winter conditions featuring a defrost cycle to allow it to function effectively in very cold temperatures.

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During the warmer summer months, a reverse cycle air conditioner absorbs heat from within the room/rooms of the building. Then it dissipates the warm air outside the building, leaving the internal temperature cooler.

Why are reverse cycle air conditioner more energy efficient than other systems?

Air conditioning systems which include inverter technology, use advanced fan motors and compressors to operate more efficiently than non-inverter air conditioning systems. Non inverter (conventional fixed speed systems) which operate with an on/off principal operation are less energy efficient.

Whereas inverter air conditioning systems gently adjust to ensure that the desired temperature is reached faster. They then steadily maintain the temperature without fluctuations.

This provides uninterrupted comfort and more  efficient operation. This means that the during very high or low ambient temperatures, an inverter air conditioning system will be able to reach your desired temperature faster.

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