Is Your Air Conditioner Gathering Allergens Over Time?

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Air conditioners provide extra comfort to homes and businesses alike. Their advantages help many people work easily and sleep soundly at night. Apart from this, air conditioners also prevent nuisances like insects and pests by keeping rooms confined.

However, air conditioners can cause health issues as well. When an air conditioner is dirty, it can increase allergy symptoms that eventually lead to flu, irritation, headaches, fatigue, and other sicknesses. This occurs when an air conditioner’s system restricts airflow from outside, which allows contaminants to circulate through a building. These contaminants stay on the air conditioner’s vent, and dust up properties.

Contaminants that build because of a dirty air conditioner include:

  • Insecticides and pesticides
  • Synthetic fibres from carpets and furniture
  • Dust mites and pet hair
  • Gases produced by water heaters and cooking appliances
  • Personal care products
  • Formaldehyde that come from building materials
  • Smoke fumes
  • Pollen and radon gas

These contaminants remain on walls and furniture, and can stick to fabric and footwear. Homeowners and cleaners can remove these pollutants, but it will be very hard to manage.

The best way to prevent allergies from air conditioners is to hire a professional unit service company. Run maintenance every quarter of the year to make sure that there are no contaminants in your air conditioning system.
Apart from preventing allergies, a regularly maintained air conditioner has other benefits.

Other Benefits of Regularly Maintained Air Conditioner Units

It Saves More Money. Most air conditioning problems are unnoticeable at first, but they worsen over time. Well-maintained air conditioners prevent this from happening, which is more cost-effective.

It is More Comfortable. Air conditioners that run perfectly operate quietly and release more air. Because of this, people hear less noise and experience a colder temperature.

It Uses Less Energy. When an air conditioning unit is broken or dirty, it works harder than the usual, which consumes more electricity. However, serviced units work less, which makes it highly cost-effective.

Prevent allergies and make sure that your air conditioner works perfectly by having it maintained regularly. Contact us today for this service.

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