Quality Evaporative Air Conditioning Services in Perth

What is an evaporative air conditioner system used for?

During peak season, which means summer, the climate becomes less than bearable. You can’t function well due to the discomfort caused by the heat.

Interested in turning your home into the most relaxing and comfortable home minus the worry and the high price? Work with us!

We offer numerous services dedicated to providing homes AC systems and maximum comfort. Apart from air conditioner repairs and installations, we also offer first-rate units. At All Air Services, we provide your homes with quality evaporative air conditioning services in Perth.

Evaporative air conditioners provide cooling comfort through the natural process of evaporation. The AC has an external cooling unit, which supplies cool air through ducts inside the house. Evaporative air conditioners are the cheapest and most natural means of cooling your home.


Evaporative air conditioner system pros

  • Energy-efficient. Evaporative air conditioning systems can be cheaper to run, only requiring a fan and water pump to power. The system can use 75% less electricity than a typical air conditioner.
  • Filters air effectively. Filter pads have been designed to trap dust and pollen particles, making it a great option for people with allergies.
  • Eco-friendly. Evaporative AC systems do not use refrigerants for cooling, which can emit greenhouse gases.
  • Easier and cheaper to install. Thanks to a simple design, fewer parts, and does not require any ductwork, evaporative systems are reasonably cheap to repair and install.


Evaporative air conditioner system cons

  • Limited by climate.  Does not perform well in humid climates or during rainy periods due to the amount of moisture outside of the system. Using an evaporative cooler in humid conditions may cause corrosion and condensation.
  • Basic air filter system. Many airborne irritants and odours may be missed. Filters must also be replaced periodically as they start to deteriorate and become less effective at cooling.
  • Uses water. Evaporative air conditioners require water to create cool air and can use up to 25 litres of water an hour depending on the fan speed and humidity.
  • Less control. Due to how an evaporative system operates, you will have less control over the temperature in your home or office, as opposed to a split AC system.

We install, repair and service evaporative air conditioner systems

Residential air conditioning services

Residential Air Conditioning

We offer evaporative air conditioning maintenance and repair services of all major brands.
We have bespoke design solutions for any home if you are after installating an evaporative air conditioning unit or replacing your current AC system.

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Commercial Air Conditioning

Design and installation projects for all types of businesses, from offices to retail spaces.
Tailored routine maintenance and servicing contracts.
Commercial Air Conditioning Repair & Diagnostic calls

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