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What is a Multi Split System Air Conditioner System?

Enjoy complete climate control of your business with a flexible cooling solution for multiple rooms.

The largest benefit of a multi split air conditioner is having the ability to be able to control the temperature of each individual unit without affecting other rooms.

For example, reception might require a different setting compared to your office because it’s a much larger space. This is where some businesses may suffer from centralised cooling, with temperatures feeling a little close to subzero.

Similar to a split system, a multi split air conditioner has an exterior unit and an interior unit. The main difference is that a multi split system is capable of operating two or more indoor units with only one outdoor unit required.

They also use inverter technology, which means the unit will adjust its heating and cooling output based on conditions and your desired temperature. Once it has been reached, it will then consistently maintain this temperature, keeping you cool and comfortable.

This method of cooling is far more energy efficient, saving you money and eliminates waste by only cooling the rooms as needed.

Multi split air conditioners are perfect for situations where there is limited outdoor space or insufficient ceiling space for ducting, but still need to maintain optimal comfort in multiple rooms.

It is one of the more efficient and cost-effective systems available and provides a convenient cooling solution for multiple rooms.


Benefits of a Multi Split Air Conditioner


  • Energy efficient. Being able to control multiple indoor units from one external compressor, makes multi split air conditioners one of the most energy efficient systems available. With the ability to set individual temperatures suited to that specific room, or operate units as required, this ensures you aren’t wasting power.
  • Total climate control. Multi split air conditioning systems offer you complete temperature control of your business. With individual units in each room you have the ability to select and set separate temperatures, as well as operating each unit only when needed. For example, you can choose to turn on the unit in the conference room but not in the office or at reception, or set the kitchen slightly cooler than your office.
  • Easy installation. Without the need for installation of ducting, a multi split air conditioner system is easier to install and has been designed specifically for individual rooms, making it ideal for commercial buildings with limited ceiling space
  • Cost effective. Multi split systems are more affordable and cheaper to install, compared to ducted AC systems. Being able to control the temperature of each individual unit helps you save on running costs, lowering your power bills.

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