A Look Into Evaporative Cooling Systems

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Evaporative air conditioning is the process of providing evaporation to cool the air. Homes and businesses take advantage of this cooling system because of the convenience and affordability it provides.

If you use an evaporative air conditioner in your property, you might wonder how it works. How does evaporation lower temperatures? Or how does water help it cool? Let All Air Services help you understand evaporative cooling systems and know more about its advantages.

How an Evaporative System Produces Cold Air

Made of large blowers and moist pads, an evaporative system produces air by pulling warm air to the pads and turning it into a cooler temperature. With the help of water evaporation and the system’s air mechanism, evaporative air conditioners are able to release cool air through the large blower.

Moist pads are usually made of wood shavings that absorb and hold moisture while resisting mildew. When a moist pad absorbs water, it collects cold temperature at the bottom of the air conditioner, which circulates at the top of the pads. When this happens, the air turns into a cool, comforting temperature.

The temperature of the air that comes from an evaporative air conditioner depends on the humidity of the area. However, the constant movement of the air created by the blower can make you feel four to six degrees cooler than the actual temperature.

The Benefits of Evaporative Cooling

Homes and businesses prefer evaporative air conditioners because of its affordability. Evaporative systems reduce energy bills as much as 75 per cent every month. Apart from this, they also operate on 120 volts, which is a lesser amperage requirement than air conditioners.

Because of the moisture, it releases, evaporative air conditioners prevent wood furniture from drying out. They also help carpets and fabrics retain their cleanliness and good scent. Studies say that evaporative air conditioners are ideal in reducing allergens such as dust and pollen. The system’s moist pads serve as air filters, which help produce cooler and cleaner air.

If you find yourself in a location that consistently changes temperature, then an evaporative air conditioner is right for you.

To know more about our evaporative cooling services, contact us today. we can advise you on what air conditioning system would suit you better, install it, and offer regular maintenance and servicing.

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