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Commercial Air Conditioner System

What is Commercial Air Conditioner System?

For commercial air conditioning needs in Perth, trust only the best.

Apart from quality repairs, maintenance and installations, All Air Services also offers commercial air conditioning to all our clients.

All Air Services provides a range of superior quality commercial air conditioning brands and models to suit all manner of homes and lifestyles. Browse through our selection and see which brand works best for your commercial setting.

Our experienced consultants can provide advice on the right air conditioning or HVAC system to suit your budget and needs. We provide quality services at affordable prices. All Air Services has teams of dedicated service and installation technicians to carry out work to all brands and various applications. Our crew of professionals possesses proper training and knowledge on HVAC systems and repairs, guaranteeing projects of high quality and efficiency. We also get the job done on time.

At All Air Services, clients can choose their preferred model from our selection of quality units. Our extensive product range includes:

Commercial Split System Air Conditioners

Split System Air Conditioners

The split system air conditioner is one of the most versatile, clean, quiet and economical forms of air conditioning for all sorts of commercial buildings. The indoor unit can be situated on the wall, floor or attached to the ceiling with refrigerant pipe work and electrical wiring connecting to the outdoor unit.

Commercial Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Ducted systems can be designed to operate in two or more zones. This means that the air conditioning system can be operated in different parts of the commercial building throughout the day, sometimes the warehouse may need more cooling and at other times, the office areas may need increased usage.

Commercial Chilled Water Air Conditioning Systems

Chilled Water Air Conditioning Systems

Air cooler chilled water air conditioning systems are used to custom design large scale buildings. Providing a wide selection of indoor units air handling/fan coil units. Which can be controlled and integrated with the  building management system (BMS) and connected to one large capacity outdoor chiller unit. Whilst the initial capital costs associated with chilled water can be substantial. The ongoing annual running costs can be reduced by as much as 20% in comparison to other air conditioning products.

Commercial VRV or VRF air conditioning systems

VRV or VRF Air Conditioners

VRV or VRF air conditioning systems are used to custom design larger buildings, such as large offices and commercial projects, allowing a wide and varied selection of indoor units and control systems to be connected to one or more outdoor units.

Residential Inverted Air Conditioners

Inverted Air Conditioners

An Inverter is more advanced technology that operates quite differently from a conventional air conditioner. The inverter works like the accelerator of a car, gently increasing or decreasing power. It reaches the desired temperature quicker and maintains it without wild fluctuations. This means uninterrupted comfort and significant energy savings.

Once we have installed your HVAC system or commercial air conditioning unit, don’t forget that we also offer air-conditioning maintenance and repair on all units.

For all your commercial air conditioning needs in Perth, contact All Air Services. Make the most out of your units with us. We are your trusted provider of quality air conditioning installation, models, maintenance and repairs. Call us now at (08) 9303 9881.

We service & repair all major brands

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