Top 10 Stunning Smart Home Devices for Your Home


There’s nothing like smart home devices to make your life easier — and it can be a whole lot of fun to play with too! Never mind how old we get, we still get a kick out of the latest and greatest smart home gadgets out there.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the list of our top 10 stunning smart devices for your home. You can thank us later!

Massa Alexa, What Exactly Are Smart Home Devices?

Imagine if all your household products could come alive like in a cartoon? Okay, not exactly the same, but what if they could connect to your phone and internet and do things for you? Sounds pretty neat!

Well, a smart home device does just that. It is effectively a device connected to the internet that can listen and communicate with you!

All of these devices can be grouped into a category called the Internet of Things (IoT). And because practically everyone — from young kids to adults — are hooked up to the internet and using their mobile devices for a large chunk of their day, it only makes sense to hook up the rest of our lives to this system. What is the Purpose and the Benefits of Smart Home Devices?


Want your aircon to cool the house for you while stuck in traffic? It can be done! Automation is one of the biggest benefits of a smart home automation system. You can either trigger these commands remotely or set them up to suit your schedule. Sign us up!


Had a last-minute stay-over? Switch off the lights and air conditioning in your home remotely to save energy. There you go, now you can have more hands-on control of your electricity bill at the end of the month.


You can’t have eyes everywhere at all times. That’s why smart devices with HD video cam and face recognition will give you peace of mind regardless of where you are or go.


You are probably already sporting a GPS pedometer watch on your wrist. These fitness watches and devices have made health and wellness more transparent and encourage people to increase their daily physical activity.

Requirements for a Smart Home Device

You can’t expect to enjoy the benefits of smart home devices when you live in a tent in the middle of nowhere. You will need specific technologies to be able to get access to it.

Internet Connectivity 

It goes without saying that anything with the word ‘smart’ in its title needs to be hooked up to the all-wise internet.

Voice Assistant

Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant — whichever floats your boat, you just need to have the power of one of these voice assistants in your hands. 

10 Stunning Smart Home Devices 

Smart Home Security Systems 

1. SimCam 1S AI Home Security Camera

I spy with my little eye… cutting-edge SimCam 1S home security cameras. These sleek little gadgets give you crisp 1080p, 360-degree panning smart displays with accurate motion detection of your home. It can even tell whose face it is pointing at with its clever face recognition. Despite the obvious benefit of preventing and catching burglars, your neighbours won’t steal your newspaper anymore!

2. RemoBell S

Knock, knock, who’s there? It’s the new and improved RemoBell S! This wireless, smart ‘doorbell’ gives you eyes on the outside to answer the door safely. With on-demand HD video, support for your voice assistant, and free cloud recording, it’s a winner.

3. August Wi-Fi Smart Locks

The next-gen deadbolt, this smart lock connects to the Wi-Fi so that you can unlock and lock your doors remotely from anywhere. It can even generate specific codes for the family members who pitch up before you do. It also integrates with Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Smarter Heating and Cooling 

4. Voice-Controlled Ecobee Smart Thermostat

You’re hot, and you’re cold…no more! Siri, cool down the room, please! With the new fifth generation of this thermostat, you can change your home’s temperature by merely uttering the command.

5. GE Energy Star 115-Volt Electronic Room Air Conditioner with Voice Control

This nifty window aircon responds to your voice command and your phone. However, our favourite feature is that it picks up on your phone’s GPS and starts cooling or heating your home before your arrival. Now that is luxury!

6. Google Home Nest Thermostat 

The nest thermostat is aesthetically pleasing and intelligent. Enabling you to schedule your temperature according to your lifestyle and according to zones, you can keep a close eye on your energy usage as it saves your history.

Kitchen Gadgets  

7. Samsung 28 cu. Ft 4-Door French Door Refrigerator with Touch Screen Family Hub™

You had us at ‘smart fridge’. This incredible invention allows you to see what’s inside your refrigerator remotely. Left your shopping list at home? No problem! Just take a virtual peek into your fridge. As if that is not impressive enough, you can also stream music, manage your family’s calendar, answer the front door, and much more. Colour us impressed!

Other Smart Home Technology 

8. Google Home Smart Speakers

Google, play my favourite song! Smart speakers will help add ambience to any room through a simple voice command.

9. Smart Lightbulb

Light it up with the Philips Hue smart light bulb in your room. You can control the mood in each room remotely with this nifty bulb. Furthermore, you can set home lighting to wake you up gently or wind your down for the evening.

10. Smart Plug 

Easy to install, you can take it wherever you go and simply plug it into any traditional outlet. From here, you can connect to all your favourite electric appliances.

In Conclusion

When considering whether you want to turn your home into a smart home, you have to do your research. Some products are not geared for the Australian market, and you might run into some troubleshooting issues. Furthermore, you need to ensure that your smart devices are effectively communicating with one another and your Wi-Fi.

Contact us today if you need any assistance with keeping your home at the perfect temperature all year round with our air conditioning units and services.

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