How To Best Use A Smart Air Conditioner

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Air conditioner controllers are one of those pieces of technology, just like printers, where sometimes they  don’t work for no apparent reason. You tell them to do something, but sometimes they flatly refuse to do what you tell them. 

You know sometimes when you press the button on your AC remote, it beeps, but the air conditioner doesn’t turn on? So you press it a few more times and after a couple more beeps the slats open and air finally starts bellowing out. Why does that even happen?! Just work on the first time!

Well, with a smart air conditioner controller, you can say goodbye to the old air conditioner aircon remote, and make sure your aircon does what you tell it to. You don’t have to stand below your unit looking like a fool waiting for the slats to move after pressing the on button seven times ever again. 

But how do you use a smart wifi air conditioner control? How can I control my AC with wifi? Don’t worry! In this article we will show you the best way to use your smart air conditioning for the home. What Is A Smart Air Conditioner? 

A smart air conditioner is connected to the wifi of your house, so it will connect smart home with your air conditioner. Because of this, it usually means that the air conditioner can be controlled via a terminal on the wall in your home, or by an app on your phone, so that you always have a way to adjust the temperature of your home from your pocket. It is usually this app that makes such a difference. The app usually has features like: 

  • Ability to control the aircon anywhere from your phone 
  • Can control air conditioner with Alexa, Siri, or Google Home (sometimes) 
  • Can set on and off timers 
  • Can turn on air conditioner or turn it off when not at home
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance information so you can get your aircon serviced 


Laï How Can I Convert My AC To Smart AC? 

If you’re wondering if you can make your old air conditioner a smart air conditioner, the answer is yes, you can. All you have to do is: 

  1. 1. Install a smart AC controller in your home, if unsure how to do it, ask a professional
  2. 2. Download the relevant proprietary app
  3. 3. Follow the instructions connecting the new device to your home’s wifi
  4. 4. Start exploring the app and start using your air conditioner


What Is A Smart AC Controller? 

Whether you have a Fujitsu aircon remote, Daikin wifi control, or Mitsubishi reverse cycle, it does not matter, all of them use similar technology. The smart ac controller can make your old air conditioner a smart air conditioner.

A smart AC controller connects to the infrared technology in your non-smart air conditioner, as well as the wifi in your home. A smart AC controller acts as a sort of middle man between your infrared technology air conditioner and your phone. Instead of using the old remote to control your air conditioner, you can use your phone to control the smart AC controller which will control the air conditioner. 


Why Should You Convert To A Smart Air Conditioning System? 

So, why should you go to the effort of converting to a smart system? The air conditioner blows cold or warm air out of it all the same, who cares how you get there? Well here’s a few reasons why: 


You Won’t Have Remote Problems 

As we’ve hinted throughout this article, sometimes those old remotes simply don’t work. A smart device will make sure you have perfect control over your system. 

Also, how many times have you lost your old air conditioner remote, or can’t be bothered to get up and find it? They seem to have a mind of their own! With a smart device, you will always be able to control it from your phone, or from the terminal on the wall. 


You Won’t Waste Your Power 

Have you ever fallen asleep with the air conditioner on when you weren’t meant to? Or left the house with it still blasting? Well a smart device can set a timer so that the air conditioner doesn’t stay on all night, or you can even turn it off while out of the home. 


You Can Come Home To Comfort 

Because you can control your air conditioner from afar, or set a timer, you can make sure your air conditioner turns on just before you get home, so that it is already at a nice temperature.


You Can Get A Heads Up Before It Breaks

Some smart devices are integrated to learn and alert you if there is a problem with your air conditioner. When there is a problem, you can call your air conditioner expert, get their advice, and fix the issue before the system breaks down. 


Where To Get A Smart Air Conditioner, And Air Conditioner Help

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