5 Reasons Why You Need An Air Conditioner Cover


On top of the usual aircon maintenance you have, you may want to consider having a cover for your air conditioning unit. You might be wondering why an air conditioner needs a cover. Albeit, some may find this unnecessary and borderline hassling but if you are living in a country of seasons, especially during Autumn, air conditioner covers are much more important to have than you think. Before you start to wonder further, let us tell you why. 


buy Seroquel in india What is the purpose of an AC cover?

http://busingers.ca/service?action=getBasicInfo Are AC covers necessary?

Yes and no. 

Depending on which part of Australia you live in, climate and season play a huge role in whether or not you may need an aircon cover. For colder or windier regions, your AC can freeze or get stuck with debris and grime, blocking the airflow. 


Are air conditioner covers bad?

When your cover is placed wrongly and using the wrong materials that do not allow proper ventilation, this could trap moisture which causes rust and corrosion. You should avoid plastic or airflow-restrictive air conditioning unit covers that promote such conditions. Look for outdoor air conditioner covers that are breathable such as air conditioner screens.  


What to consider when choosing an AC cover?

  • Waterproof 

As water has been proven to be the root cause of most problems in the AC, it is important that the cover chosen be waterproof. 

  • Breathable fabric 

Use covers made of breathable and porous material such as mesh to allow airflow and circulation. This will reduce lesser chances of moisture being trapped.  

  • Durability 

The longer the cover for your air conditioning unit lasts, the better. Woven polyester, for example, is durable and withstands strong weather conditions. 

  • Size of cover 

Depending on the size of your AC unit, pick a cover that covers the majority of the unit. Air conditioning screens are versatile in size, are easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing. It is best that screens are used as split system air conditioner covers due to their sizing. 

  • Warranty 

To safeguard yourself and your AC unit, purchase a cover that has at least a two-year warranty. Hence, making you feel more secure as it lasts throughout whatever weather condition and season that comes. 


Why should you cover your air conditioner?

While most air conditioning units are able to withstand rain and to a certain extent, snow, they are not impenetrable. Leaves, seeds or even nuts can get into your AC which then creates a place for moisture, and may lead to corrosion and blockage. AC covers are necessary but only cover the top of it as covering it fully can also trap moisture, creating rust and corrosion. 


When do you need to cover your air conditioner?

Extreme weather conditions and seasons naturally tend to speed up the wear and tear of your air conditioning unit. You would most likely need a cover for your air conditioning unit during heavy rainfall, autumn, winter, heavy storm conditions and many more. 

  • Heavy Rainfall 

If water manages to seep into your outdoor air conditioner, it is going to cause trouble over time. Once water gets in, it oxidises which in turn creates rust. Moreover, if water gets into the condenser coils, it could also cause corrosion. 

  • Autumn 

A beautiful season no doubt but it will not be as beautiful once the wind carries fallen twigs, leaves and other unwanted grime into your AC unit. They create a blockage, interfering with the AC’s functions that could incur higher electricity bills. The last thing you would want is to have a clogged system in the next season. 

  • Winter 

Whether it is a light drizzle of snow or full-fledged blizzards, snow will pile. You definitely would not want that pile to melt into your AC unit. 


What happens if you don’t cover your air conditioner in the winter?

It will cause severe consequences to your aircon and finances to fix it. Best to just cover your air conditioning unit during colder weather conditions and seasons to avoid such hassle. 

  • Heavy Storm 

During heavy storms, small objects like stones and gravel could strike your outdoor unit, causing unwanted damage. These damages could obstruct your fan movement and eventually the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. 

  • Summer

You may think summer would be the least concerning season for an AC cover. However, if your AC is under direct sunlight, that could also damage the unit. Specifically, the condenser unit. Having a breathable cover over your outdoor unit would be ideal in such conditions. 


What can happen if you don’t cover your air conditioner?

While it is entirely your decision to cover your outdoor air conditioning unit, we highly recommend that you should. You are still able to take it out whenever you wish once the weather conditions and seasons are better. If not, your AC is vulnerable to more damage in both external and internal areas.
From rusting to corrosion to mould, you would have to cut the lifespan of your existing AC unit and
change to a whole new AC. As there are other reasons as to why you should change your AC, try to prevent and utilise your AC now as much as you can.


Who can you go to if you need a service or repair?

It is only natural for an air conditioning unit to falter and damage over time due to either external or internal factors. If you wish to change or replace your AC, one that is slow to breakdowns and has minimal repairs, you may want to look at Mitsubishi air conditioners. Luckily, when it comes to servicing or repair, All Air Services ranks among the best on the market.
We have been providing our expertise for over 15 years in Perth and we do not plan on stopping anytime soon. Our fully local team is sure to provide you with our best customer support and service. Do not hesitate to contact us for your air conditioning needs today. 

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