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Australia, Nov. 25, 2020 – announced a double win for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia (MHIAA) in the Split System Air Conditioner category in the 2021 ProductReview Awards.

The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Bronte series and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Avanti series trounced over other brands to win the customer-driven awards.

The Avanti and Bronte air-conditioning series scored an impressive 4.7-stars on a 5-star rating scale to scoop the double win in the awards for split system air conditioners.

About The ProductReview Awards

The 2021 ProductReview Awards were presented by, Australia’s leading online product review site with more than 700,000 active users.

The review site highlights well-received products in the Australian market gauged by their popularity within the ProductReview community.

While the awards consider public opinions aired on the site by product users, a specially constituted, independent, and impartial ProductReview Team makes the judgement.

Each year, the team picks the winners from tens of thousands of eligible products using pre-set criteria in the public domain.

A product, service, or retailer had to meet set requirements to be eligible for the 2021 ProductReview awards:

  1. Be listed in the most popular categories on
  2. Be readily available in the Australian retail market for the better part of 2020
  3. Maintain a 4.1-star rating minimum on the platform by Oct. 31, 2020.
  4. Feature at least 10 approved user reviews posted between Nov. 1, 2019, and Oct. 31, 2020.

Only products that met the minimum threshold make it to the nomination list. The impartial award team then uses metric comparisons and qualitative analysis to establish a sentiment score that’s used to determine the winners.

The review team prioritises the ratio of 5-star to 1-star reviews and user reviews that are less than a year old. When the sentiment score is too close to call, the team awards multiple listings in a category.

 About ProductReview

ProductReview is the leading consumer opinion site in Australia. The site provides a platform where Australian consumers can voice their opinions and highlight their experiences using various products and services.

Founded in 2003, ProductReview allows the general public to review and rate products and services plus the shops selling them. The consumer responses are unmoderated to avoid biases and encourage public participation.

That lets people give an honest review and inspires them to share opinions based on their experiences.

The platform gives all consumers a voice to share their experiences using a service, shop, or product. It allows users to rate the products and services on a 5-star system while allowing the general public to read those reviews and join the conversation.

Currently, ProductReview:

  • Boasts more than 700,000 registered users
  • Carries more than 1.5 million genuine reviews
  • Lists more than 4,000 brands
  • Enjoys 4.5 million visitors per month
  • Gets more than 9.5 million monthly page views
  • Gets more than 85 million monthly Google impressions

The site is on a mission to help consumers shape and change the product or service they use by getting the manufacturers and retailers to listen.

The review site:

  • Enables all Australians to access unbiased user opinions to help them make informed choices when shopping.
  • Allows consumers to share unbiased, personal experiences about using a product, service, or a retailer.
  • Drum up public opinion to get manufacturers and retailers to provide their customers with better services and superior products.

A Word from MHIAA Management

Mr. Yuji Ito, Mitsubishi Heavy Industry’s managing director, acknowledged that the 2021 ProductReview awards reflect its commitment to serving the Australian Market.

He recognized that winning the 2021 ProductReview awards for Split System Air Conditioners was a huge honour for the company.

He re-affirmed the company’s continued focus on providing the Australian community with the best products and services.

The managing director said that MHIAA was delighted to receive an award driven by its customers and a positive experience with its products.

While both air conditioners had a 4.7-Star rating, the Bronte Series was the most rated with 349 reviews, while the Avanti came in a close second with 221 reviews.

Customers on ProductReview rate air conditioners on several points:

  • Value for money
  • Brand Quality
  • Ease of use
  • Noise level
  • Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Heating and Cooling speeds

The Avanti and Bronte Series scored highly on all categories, a feat Mr. Yuji attributed Mitsubishi Heavy Industries core values.

“… our processes and products are driven by our desire to bring the Australian consumer the best quality products and services…” said Mr. Yuji as he thanked ProductReview and the consumers for the high ratings and the award.


Where to Buy Avanti and Bronte Split System Air Conditioners

All Air Services is a licensed dealer and installer of all leading air conditioners, including the award-winning Bronte and Avanti Series.

We stock both Mitsubishi heavy Industries Avanti series and Mitsubishi heavy Industries Bronte series.

The size of the room determines the size of the split system air conditioner you need.

Ideally, you need 0.15 kW for every square meter for the best results:

  • Small room, (10 – 20 sqm) – 2.8 kW split system unit.
  • Medium room (20 – 40 sqm) – 4.2 kW split system unit.
  • Large room (40 – 60 sqm) – 5.6 kW split system unit.

Our excellent team of technicians is on hand to help you with all your Bronte and Avanti air conditioning needs. We’re a go-to service for cleaning, repair, maintenance, and installations for all major air conditioning brands.

Most of our customers prefer split air systems because they enhance home security, quiet operations, higher energy efficiency, easy installation, and convenient zoning.

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