How Seasonal Changes Affect Air Conditioning And Comfort

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If you expect your air conditioning system to provide a comfortable temperature year-round, you first need to understand how seasonal changes affect you. As humans, different seasons have a direct effect on our lives, including our comfort levels, especially in areas like Australia with hot summers and cold winters. 

To get the most comfortable atmosphere in your home or office, you need to understand how it affects you and which air conditioner can best serve you – throughout the seasons.

Wurzen How Extreme Weather Affects You  

Although some countries have little to no change in their different seasons, Australia’s winters are icy cold with gale-force winds and rain, whereas the summers are dry and very hot. Therefore, you need to ensure that you – as well as your air conditioner – are adequately prepared to deal with both extremes. Hot Summers and the Effect on Your Body 

When the temperature rises during summer, our bodies tend to sweat to cool ourselves down. This evaporation helps to remove heat from your body. Another way we can cool down is when our bodies come into contact with either cold surfaces or cool air, which is where your trusty air conditioning system comes in. 

In general, humans can deal well with anything up to 25.5ºC before we start to fidget and feel uncomfortable in our own skin. Another thing you should keep in mind is the humidity level of where you reside. Some air conditioners can assist with this by removing humidity or balancing dry air.

Icy Winters and the Effect on Your Body 

As opposed to summer, in winter, our bodies try to retain any heat they can and try to make up for any lost heat. This is why you will start shivering when you are cold, as this motion helps to produce internal heat. So, even though it’s winter and you might feel lazy, exercising is a very effective way to push up your internal body heat. 

In winter, we also layer clothing to insulate our skin and choose smaller, intimate spaces rather than wide-open spaces like the outdoors. In cold weather, we ideally want to keep our body temperature at a comfortable 15ºC.

How to Deal with Extreme Temperature for Better Comfort 

You more than likely have an idea of the temperature and humidity levels that your body prefers and where your comfort zone lies. And it’s not necessarily the same for every employee in the office or family member residing under the same roof! 

6 Key Factors Affecting Your Level of Thermal Comfort 

  • Weather conditions outdoors
  • Amount of sunlight 
  • Time of the day 
  • Humidity indoors
  • Temperature indoors 

All of the above collectively determines how your body will feel on the day. And, luckily, some of these can be controlled. Yes, you might not be able to change the weather outdoors. Still, you certainly can manage the humidity and temperature indoors, which will already have a significant effect on your mood and thermal comfort. The answer? An effective air conditioner!

Best Types of Air Conditioners for Extreme Weather Climates

Reverse Cycle Aircon

Want the best of both reverse cycle heating and cooling? The reverse cycle air conditioner does this by ensuring a comfortable temperature indoors throughout the seasons. 

Reverse Cycle Split System

A reverse cycle split air conditioner takes it a step further by managing this in the most energy-efficient way. With a split system, part of the system sits inside and the other outside, making it a bit quieter.

Ducted Air Conditioning

A ducted reverse air conditioner gives you complete control of each different room’s temperature by zoning – which means that you can set each person’s bedroom or office to the temperature they prefer.

Evaporative Air Conditioner

The ultimate temperature control solution, evaporative air conditioners, controls the heating and cooling and helps to provide fresh air free from pollen, contaminants, and odours. It is ideal for areas with hot and dry climates like what we experience here in Australia. 

Why Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repairs Are Important 

Did you know that your air conditioning unit generally accounts for almost half of your home’s energy usage? Therefore, your air conditioner is one of the most important investments you can make in your life! Having the perfect indoor temperature can significantly elevate your mood and productivity levels.

Always Schedule Maintenance Checks to Keep Your Bills Low 

Scheduling regular air conditioner maintenance checks and necessary repairs are essential to ensure that your aircon works without a hitch and around the year. However, it’s even more important when it comes to keeping your energy bills low. 

If you leave your faulty air conditioner on and it has to work extra hard to keep running, it could lead to skyrocketing electricity bills and hurt you financially. Furthermore, your air conditioner could pack up, and replacing a unit is much more expensive than paying for regular maintenance check-ups!

Need an Air Conditioning Service in Perth?

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Contact us today and ensure your indoor temperature is comfortable, regardless of what Mother Nature is up to that day.

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