What Temperature To Set Air Conditioner In Winter?


As winter starts to get close, it only gets harder to find the perfect aircon temperature. Freezing cold mornings turn to hot summer-like days which turn to chilly nights.

Using your air conditioner in winter, especially in the early winter and autumn months can feel like you’re constantly setting your thermostat in an uphill battle to just get comfortable. 

What temperature to set the air conditioner in winter and why it’s important to set an ideal temperature are topics that only get more relevant as winter gets closer.

conjugally Why Is Finding The Right Temperature Important?

It’s incredibly important to find the ideal aircon temperature in your home, especially in winter. Obviously, you don’t want your home to feel like an igloo, but there are benefits beyond just being comfortable. 

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Health Benefits

It’s no secret that we’re affected by the environment that we live in, but you might be surprised at just how much our environment impacts our wellbeing. Health benefits to fighting off the winter cold include:

Protection against viruses

Cold weather may reduce your immune response, making it harder for you to fight off colds or the annual winter flu. By staying warm, you stand a better chance of fighting off a cold.

Reducing dry skin and mucus membranes

Cold weather usually means dry air, and this can dry your skin and mucus membranes, leaving you with cold-like symptoms. Setting your thermostat to a warmer temperature will help keep you feeling your best. You can also use plants to help keep your air humid.

Decreasing risk of heart attack

Your heart works harder to keep you warm and your body functioning in cold weather. If you’re already at risk of a heart attack, the temperatures of cold weather can increase this risk. So set your air conditioner to a comfortable temperature and give your heart a rest.

Improved sleep quality

If your room is too cold or hot, it can lead to disrupted sleep leaving you exhausted the next day. Set your air conditioner at a comfortable temperature for a comfortable sleep.

Save on Costs

When the cold sets in it can be all too easy to overheat your home. The temptation to set your air conditioner to very warm temperatures for long periods of time to keep out the cold can be hard to resist. However, doing this means bigger power bills.

By choosing an optimal aircon temperature that doesn’t dramatically increase your electricity bill while still keeping you warm at home is very important. Find your happy medium and stick to it, otherwise, winter will start looking more and more expensive.

Improved Comfort

While there’s no doubt that the cosy feeling from a well-warmed home is great, there are even more benefits.

  • More relaxed muscles

Cold weather tension is something we can often overlook. Your muscles and joints can relax more when in warmer temperatures.

  • No overeating

Our bodies can attempt to manage the cold by eating more, but by keeping yourself warm, you can help avoid being unconsciously drawn to overeating.

Tips For Finding The Perfect Aircon Temperature In Winter

There are so many handy tips, tricks, and tidbits of useful information available when it comes to achieving the best aircon temperature from your air conditioning unit or units. From saving money on electricity bills to the recommended aircon temperature, here are some of the best tips for finding the best temperature for aircon systems in winter. 

Don’t let your air conditioning unit do all the work

Let your air conditioners work less, and use less electricity by wearing warmer clothing and using warm blankets on your bed. 

Regularly maintain your air conditioner

Make sure your air conditioners work properly by having them regularly serviced. A clean filter will help your aircon be as efficient as possible. By making sure the heat exchanged in the aircon isn’t blocked, you can be sure that the temperature that you’re setting your thermostat to is the temperature that’s actually coming from your AC unit. 

Make sure your home is sealed

Help prevent heat loss by closing all doors, windows, curtains, and blinds. Don’t let the heat escape your home, or let a cold draft in to ruin a warm, cosy night.

Set your air conditioner to 20 degrees

When it comes to what temperature to set the air conditioner in winter, the answer is actually simple. Building leases generally state that the recommended aircon temperature is between 20 degrees to 22 degrees in winter. 

Install the right sized aircon

In order for your air conditioner to achieve its optimal aircon temperature and properly heat your home, you need to make sure you have the right size aircon for the job. Standard split system air conditioners might struggle or take a long time to properly heat a large, open space. However, they’d be perfectly suited to more modest-sized rooms throughout your home. 

Choose an air conditioning unit with a high energy rating

It’s important to choose an energy-efficient air conditioning unit for your home. These will help provide the best aircon temperature for you long term and use less power to do so. 

Focus your heating

Remember to close any doors leading out of the room that you’re warming up. Don’t let heat escape from the rooms that you’re using and want to keep warm and cosy.

Insulate your home

If your home has proper insulation, you’ll experience less heat loss, keeping the warm temperatures consistent throughout your home for longer.

Don’t run your aircon all night

Leaving your air conditioners on for too long can cause the air to become dry, which can cause health and comfort issues.

Why Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Is Great For Winter

A reverse cycle air conditioner is a fantastic, versatile addition to any home. While primarily a cooling system, it can easily be run in reverse to achieve your ideal aircon temperature in your home. 

When you set your air conditioner to its heating function, the reverse cycle system uses its chemical refrigerant to absorb heat from outside your home and bring it inside. 

This works even in winter. Incredibly efficient, this air conditioner in winter can still create a cosy atmosphere in your home with the perfect aircon temperature possible.

Great reasons why this type of air conditioning unit is perfect for winter include:

  • The inverter technology allows for this aircon to quickly reach the set temperature, providing uninterrupted comfort. This adaptability makes the reverse cycle air conditioner a great choice.
  • Most modern reverse cycle air conditioner systems include air filters to keep dust, dirt, pollen, and other debris from impacting the quality of your air. This is perfect for those who suffer from asthma, or even seasonal asthma that often spikes up during cold weather.

Wrap Up

When asking yourself what temperature to set the air conditioner in winter, it’s important to first remember that you want to set your thermostat to around 20 degrees to 22 degrees. 

Then, make sure you’re doing everything you can to sustain the air conditioning temperature that you want. Dress warm, focus your heating and use an energy-efficient aircon. 

Following these handy tips, you might be surprised at how low you really need your warm aircon temperature to be,  and maybe even more surprised at how much you can save on your power bills.

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