What Makes Mitsubishi Air Conditioners the Best on the Market?

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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioners and Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners are some of the best on the market. The companies have the same parent company, but they are not the same brand. Then why is Mitsubishi the best? Is it this rivalry between sibling companies that drives such high quality products? In this blog, we will dive into the pros and cons of Mitsubishi and try to understand why they are the best.

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Mitsubishi air conditioning is split into two companies; Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and Mitsubishi Electric. Both companies come from the parent company, Mitsubishi, but are separate entities and brands that fight for market share in the air conditioning industry.

As a rule of thumb, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is the godfather, premium brand. While Mitsubishi Electric is more of the younger brother one-stop-shop with more tech features.

Mitsubishi was founded in 1870. It has been running for 150 years. Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries have been companies since 1921. 

What is Split System Air Conditioning?

A Mitsubishi split system air conditioner is a type of refrigerant air conditioning unit that channels refrigerant liquid through itself in order to cool the air it blows. A reverse cycle Mitsubishi split air conditioning system does the opposite in order to heat a room, instead of cooling it.

It is called a split system air conditioner because it comes in two parts. The outdoor compressor unit (the engine) and the indoor unit (the outlet). 

The Indoor Unit

The indoor unit is the long, horizontal machine that you see inside the room and is what distributes the cool or warm air. They typically have; a heat exchange coil, filters, remote signal receiver, and fan. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries split systems come in white, while Mitsubishi Electric come in both the white and a contemporary black. 

The Outdoor Unit

The external outdoor compressor unit directs the refrigerant to the internal unit in order for the air to be cooled or heated. The outdoor unit contains a; compressor, propeller fan, circuit board, and heat exchange coil.

Mitsubishi Awards and Reviews 

As a top of the line brand, Mitsubishi Electrical, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioner reviews have reflected as such and has garnered a string of awards and reviews. Some of these awards include:

Canstar Best-Rated Air Conditioner Brand

The Canstar voting system rates air conditioners on seven categories; overall satisfaction, reliability, ease of use, connectivity, noise while operating, value for money, and functionality/features. Here’s the best air conditioners in Australia, as voted by the people in Canstar’s latest review:

  1. 1. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  2. 2. Mitsubishi Electric
  3. 3. Panasonic
  4. 4. Fujitsu General
  5. 5. Samsung
  6. 6. LG
  7. 7. Daikin


Canstar rated Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioners and Mitsubishi Electric first and second best air conditioner brands in Australia. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has been voted best-rated air conditioner three years in a row. 

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries was voted five-stars in six out of the seven categories. A very impressive effort, only dropping one star in connectivity.

Mitsubishi Electric was awarded five-stars in four categories; reliability, ease of use, value for money, and functionality/features. Mitsubishi Electric scored four stars in the other three categories.

The ProductReview Awards 

The ProductReview Awards are Australia’s biggest online product review site, with more than 700,000 active users. The website reviews products on the Australian market gauged by their popularity within the ProductReview community. The awards consider public opinion on products, but the final decision is made by an independent, impartial ProductReview team.

Yuhi Ito, the managing director of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries acknowledged that winning the 2021 ProductReview awards reflected their commitment to serving the Australian market. He said winning the award was a huge honour for the company. 

The Mitsubishi Bronte 7.1kW reverse cycle split system air conditioner was the most voted for with 349 reviews, while the Mitsubishi Avanti 2.5kW reverse cycle split system air conditioner came in second with 221 reviews.

The awards followed the following criteria; value for money, brand quality, ease of use. Noise level, cleaning & maintenance, and the heating/cooling speed.

The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Avanti Plus series, which has the highest energy rating possible at seven-stars, was also given fantastic reviews on the website. 

http://thebeginningfarmer.com/140/farmerknowledge/ 5 stars, Stunned by silent and pleasant operation of this unit.

“Stunned by the silent and pleasant operation of this unit. The air stream is gentle and not noticeable, and keeps us warm in Canberra Winter. Outside unit is also very, very quiet. The system is intelligent, and unnoticeably changes operational parameters to maintain the temperature with least obtrusion.” 

  • Stenen, Canberra 2021

More of Mitsubishi’s Top Products 

  • Mitsubishi Avanti 5kW reverse cycle split system air conditioner
  • Mitsubishi Bronte 9.5kW reverse cycle split system air conditioner
  • Mitsubishi Bronte 8.0kW reverse cycle split system air conditioner
  • Mitsubishi SRK-ZMA series 

The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SRK series of air conditioning is considered to be one of the more powerful systems on the market. For bigger/more rooms, it is something you should definitely consider. 

Pros and Cons of Mitsubishi Split Air Conditioning Systems 

Just as with all things, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioning and Mitsubishi Electric have their benefits and weaknesses. Here are a few:

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Aircon Pros 

  • Long-lasting and reliable units so you know you will stay at the perfect temperature
  • High performance and energy efficient so you limit your impact on your power bill and the environment
  • Cost-effective, thanks to its energy efficiency
  • Whisper quiet, so you are not bothered by clunky air conditioning noise 


A complaint with these Mitsubishi split AC systems is that the fan coil arrangements are a little awkward. The fan coils have individual fins that are close together, which attracts dust and grime and makes it quite easy for the fan to become clogged. This also means that it is more difficult to clean.

The argument against this is that having the fan coils closer together is a better look than having them further apart, such as the Mitsubishi heavy industries Avanti series. So if you don’t mind regular cleaning of these coils, it is hardly a complaint.

Mitsubishi Electric Aircon Pros 

  • Durable air conditioners with fan coils far apart that do not get readily clogged
  • Smart technology so you can very easily control your system
  • Whisper quiet technology 
  • Thanks to the smart technology, these Mitsubishi split air conditioning systems are very user-friendly


The major complaint with Mitsubishi Electric is that they simply aren’t as powerful as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, unless you are paying for their high end products. However, this isn’t to say Mitsubishi Electric is bad, it is merely a testimony to the quality Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has achieved over more than one-hundred years in business. 

Air Conditioning Installation 

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