Top 5 Energy Efficient Air Conditioners and How to Tell

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Going into the Australian summer, you either need to have an air conditioner to keep you nice and cool, or get used to being a sweaty, boiling mess! I know which one I would prefer. 

Maybe you’re worried about spending half of your weekly earnings on a power bill to cool your space? You shouldn’t have to feel like you’re renting a power plant just to keep your bedroom at a liveable temperature. 

That’s why it’s important in Australia to make sure that you have the most energy efficient air conditioner, or at least a close second. Don’t throw your money away because your air conditioner is running with the handbrake on. 

But which air conditioner is the most energy efficient? What does a 5 star energy rating air conditioner mean? Fear not my hot and irritated friend, here is our guide to 5 of the most energy efficient air conditioners and how to tell. 


cheap generic Seroquel What Is The Zoned Energy Rating Label?

Air conditioner energy rating is labeled with the zoned energy rating label, or ZERL for short. Any air conditioner sold in Australia after April 1 2020 must display a ZERL. The label is designed to help consumers make informed purchases on the energy-efficiency of their air conditioners. It rates an air conditioners power consumption on 3 categories: 

  • Cooling 
  • Heating 
  • Average 

The label is out of 10 stars for each category and the more stars a system has, the greater the energy efficiency. 


cytotec prescription cost What Is The Energy-Efficiency Ratio?

The energy-efficiency ratio, or EER, is another calculation people use, on top of the ZERL, to determine air conditioner energy consumption. The ratio is calculated by dividing the output (capacity) of the air conditioner, by the power input. 

A higher EER means that that air conditioner is more efficient with its power use. The sort of EER you should aim to buy is 4 or higher, such as this Mitsubishi Avanti Plus air conditioner.


What Does Air Conditioner Wattage Mean and Which Is The Most Energy Efficient? 

It might be obvious, but the wattage means how much power it takes to run the system. A normal split system system for a small room of about 12 square meters will be 2kW. Meanwhile a larger room will use anywhere up to a 10kW system, such as this Mitsubishi Bronte. A ducted system may have an even higher kW and go into the high teens!

Even though a lower kW system will use less power, if it is overworked in a bigger room, it will drain more! I like to use the analogy of a car towing a trailer. A small car that is redlining to tow something will use more petrol than a car designed to tow the load. You can read more on how to run your air conditioner efficiently here


Which 5 Air Conditioners Are The Most Energy Efficient?

As with all things, there is a hierarchy at play when it comes to what is the most energy efficient air conditioner in Australia. In this list, we will talk about brands and their series, rather than specific systems and kW drawings, since we briefly touched on that in the paragraph above. Our list includes: 

  • Daikin Alira Series 

According to Canstar Blue, the Daikin Alira has been dominating the field in “super-efficient” air conditioning units, and has been awarded a 7 star energy rating. It has premium humidifying and dehumidifying capabilities and has been approved by the National Asthma Council of Australia. For more information, you should ask an air conditioning professional.

  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Avanti Plus 

The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Avanti Plus series perfectly integrates with the Australian home design. It is loaded with energy saving features and functions and has also been awarded a 7 star “super efficiency” rating. Avanti Plus ensures easy operation and a steady maintenance of temperature, without paying for it in your power bill. 

  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Avanti Series 

Same company as before, slightly different series. The Avanti series bolsters similar features to the Avanti Plus, but at a slightly more affordable price tag. If you want to browse the range, you can do so here.

  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Bronte Series 

The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Bronte series has been recommended by one of Australia’s largest consumer advocacy groups, CHOICE. The series uses similar blade engineering used in jet engines so the air conditioner can deliver long airflow reach in your home. Because of its extended reach, it makes for an energy-efficient air conditioner because a smaller system can cool/heat a bigger area. 

  • Mitsubishi Electric AP Series 

The Mitsubishi Electric AP series is whisper quiet and makes for the perfect peaceful indoor environment. It is effective but extremely modest. It is this modesty that makes it so energy efficient. They are particularly confident in not overworking!


Save Money On Your Power Bill and Save The Environment 

If the savings to your power bill weren’t enough of a motivator for you, just remember that an energy efficient air conditioner will also be kinder to the environment! 


Get Your Air Conditioner Serviced By Professionals Before Summer 

Make sure you get your air conditioner serviced before summer. There’s no point having it run at half capacity for the busiest time, all summer long. That will just waste your time and money. Additionally, you don’t want it breaking on you on a scorching hot summer day. Just get it serviced beforehand! 

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