How To Invest In A Split System Air Conditioner To Cool A Whole House

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Are you a new homeowner looking to find the right air conditioner for your space or just a homeowner looking to replace your old air conditioner? Whether you wish to have a huge aesthetically pleasing one planted on the ceiling of your living area or a cheap air conditioning unit for your entire home, we highly recommend that you take a look at a split system air conditioner as your next best option! 


What is a split system air conditioner?

A split system air conditioner is a conditioning system consisting of two units: the outdoor compressor and the indoor unit. The outdoor engine channels the cool air back into the indoor outlet that distributes the cool air into your space. With a similar mechanism, it goes the other way when a room needs to be heated.


safe online pharmacy to buy clomid Can a split system cool a whole house?

Yes, but with the right system in place. Hence, a ductless mini-split would be capable of cooling the entire house. An ideal option to consider if you only wish to install a single air conditioning system for your home.


Coihaique What are the pros and cons?

Pros Cons
Durable and Efficient May need frequent maintenance for it to last in the long-run. Specifically the outdoor unit due to its exposure to dust and debris that may get caught in the fan coil. 
Quiet Outside noise due to the compressor
Huge range of colours, designs and style Space required for the outdoor unit
Cost-Effective to install Requires a licensed professional to install


How much does it cost? 

Here in Australia, the heat can get quite extreme so it is perfectly worth it to spend a little more on a good, reputable air conditioner for you and your loved ones to enjoy at home. Apart from the cost of a split system Mitsubishi air conditioner, the important factor would be its value for money. In other words, split air conditioners that are energy efficient. Here are the top four of Mitsubishi’s best air conditioners you might want to consider:  

 1) Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Avanti Plus 

 2) Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Avanti Series 

 3) Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Bronte Series 

 4) Mitsubishi Electric AP Series 

Although both of these companies are under the same parent company, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries can be seen as a premium brand whereas Mitsubishi Electric is more a younger version that has smarter technology. Ultimately, they both provide a comfortable experience with durable system airflows. 

If you are looking for the best split system air conditioner by Mitsubishi, the homeowners’ ultimate choices have got to be the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Bronte Series and Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP Series. You can read more about them here

As for the cost to install a split system, it can vary from $600 to $5,400 and must be installed by a licensed installer. 


Is a split system expensive to run?

This can be subjective to different homes but generally, split systems are cheaper to install and run. However, some split air conditioners may only cover a smaller area of your space compared to a ducted system. This would be more ideal for smaller homes and apartments. 


What do you need to consider when buying a split system?

5 Factors to consider before installing a split system air conditioner

  •  Capacity

This refers to the size of your home or an area or your home. Essentially, the size of your next air conditioner buy would be determined by the size of your space. The larger your space, the bigger the capacity your air conditioner needs to have. If we were to take a look at inverter air conditioners, they regulate the speed of the compressor to control the flow of the air in order to regulate the temperature of the space. 


  •  Price

Despite the cost of installing a split system air conditioner in your home, there are cheap split system air conditioners and cheap air conditioning options to choose from. It is best to set your budget accordingly and determine the necessary area you wish to have it installed in. 


  •  Efficiency 

 Undeniably, homeowners would want an air conditioner to buy that produces maximum cooling while consuming the least power as much as possible.


  •  Air Quality 

Whether your air conditioners are of a split system or not, it is vital that you improve indoor air quality. The choice of air conditioners must be filtered and clean. Air conditioners must have proper filters to filter out impurities, smoke, and any unpleasant odour that may be in the environment. This is particularly important if your home has children, senior citizens, or pets as it can affect their overall health. 


Is a split system worth it?

Very much so! Mini-split system air conditioners are a good investment for many residential and commercial spaces as well. For new homeowners who are still hesitant in investing in air conditioners, the split system has a large range to choose from. Some may wish to opt for a cheap split system air conditioner that provides the same services. 


Does Split AC increase home value?

Yes. Installing a split system air conditioner can increase one’s home value, making it more desirable to other potential homeowners. Not only will they aesthetically improve your space, it too provides comfort to your loved ones.


Where can you purchase your split system?

When it comes to finding your next best air conditioner, All Air Services ranks among the best here in Perth. To find out more about which split system air conditioner is the right one for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 08-9303 9881. Do browse around our brands for your next air conditioner buy is just a click or call away with All Air Services.

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