10 Reasons Why Your Mitsubishi Aircon Stopped Working


While Mitsubishi’s air conditioners have been one of the best in the market for many years now, it is inevitable for any technology to not have any sort of problems. From your Mitsubishi air conditioner not heating to the aircon not blowing cold air, there can be countless other reasons why your Mitsubishi aircon stopped working. That is why we are here to help troubleshoot, identify and provide solutions for you to prevent them from happening.


Mandurah Why is your Mitsubishi aircon not working?

Like all technology, there can be countless reasons why your Mitsubishi aircon is not working. That is why we are here to help you troubleshoot before calling on a technician.


Ivrea What are the potential issues?

1) Blocked air filter due to dust and grime
2) Unmaintained outdoor unit
3) Low Refrigerant Level
4) Tripped Circuit Breaker
5) Leakage
6) Plug overload
7) Mechanical Failure
8) Remote control malfunction
9) Thermostat malfunction
10) Aircon not blowing cold air


How do you fix an air conditioner that won’t turn on?

If your Mitsubishi AC is not working, here are 5 solutions you can try out:

1) Keep a lookout for error codes on your AC
2) Reset your entire AC by switching on and off
3) Check your power supply
4) There may be a fuse in your circuit breaker
5) Your Mitsubishi aircon remote might have ran out of power


How do I reset my Mitsubishi aircon?

Easy! Just follow these 5 steps: 

Step 1: Switch off your indoor unit

Step 2: Find the breaker in your home and flip it to ‘off’

Step 3: Set the timer to 30 seconds

Step 4: Time to flip the breaker back ‘on’

Step 5: Click on your remote control

But wait! While this may work for some households, some may not but not to worry as there is always a solution. This is where the importance of understanding your Mitsubishi aircon symbols comes in.


Air conditioning symbols explained

Most of the time, these symbols are understood universally. For example, the sun symbol represents HEAT mode which warms the room during colder seasons or the tear symbol which represents DRY mode. When clicking, this mode helps reduce the humidity in your room. Check out some of these Mitsubishi air conditioner symbols or Mitsubishi aircon remote symbols that you will most likely see.

  Temperature Control, Automatic Cooling or Heating Operation, Cooling, Dry, Heating, Fan Only, Automatic Fan Speed, Quiet Fan Speed, Set Fan Speed, Vertical Vane Control, Horizontal Vane Control, Indirect Airflow, Direct Airflow, 3D Sensor Active, Absence Detection for Energy Saving, Absence Detection for Auto Off, Mitsubishi electric aircon modes, Purifier, Night Mode, Powerful, Econo Cool

How do I get my Mitsubishi air conditioner to work?

Apart from knowing your Mitsubishi aircon symbols, whether it is for Mitsubishi Electric or Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, you should also be aware of the fault codes. Essentially, what a fault code does is informing you what exactly is the problem about the AC through blinking lights. Here are 5 common Mitsubishi Heavy Industries fault codes you may have encountered before:

E5 Signal Transmission Error 
E16 Indoor Fan Motor Error
E36 Overheating Compressor 
E38 Outdoor Air Temperature Sensor Error 
E42 Current Cut 

Once you understand your air conditioning units better, finding out why your Mitsubishi Aircon stopped working too becomes an easier task. Hence, finding a faster solution.

How do you prevent future issues? 

  • Clean your condenser

    Cleaning your condenser coil increases the performance of your AC. Heat tends to get stuck within the coils and cannot be released if it is trapped by dust and grime. That can cause lesser cooling power and higher energy consumption which in turn increases your electricity bill.

  • Clean your filter

    Similar to the condenser, cleaning your AC filters are vital for improved air quality and better circulation. Filters are there to prevent dust, grime and bacteria from entering your homes. When it is not cleaned regularly, it can fester into mold which can compromise the health of you and your family.

  • Responsibly switch your AC on and off at appropriate times

    This is to lessen wear and tear towards your AC. However, we know there are times where we just forget to do so. Not to fret as Mitsubishi’s ducted air conditioning allows you to program the system to automatically switch on and off on designated times.

  • Have regular servicing

    Having regular servicing helps preserve efficiency for it to function properly.

  • Keep your remote control in good condition

    Whether it is your Mitsubishi split system remote or Mitsubishi Heavy Industries remote, this goes without saying that keeping your AC remote in good condition for your AC to function properly.

  • Replace your air conditioning vents

    This is to improve air quality, comfort and maintain the ACs efficiency in your home.


How do you know when it’s time to get a new air conditioner instead?

You will know when it is time to get a new aircon when your current one is more than 10 years old! Oftentimes, they will start to exhibit more issues that frequently break down at the most inconvenient of times such as a leaking duct or the fan has not been working properly.


Who can help you with your servicing and maintenance?

There are times where you just simply cannot comprehend why your aircon stopped working and it gets frustrating! Don’t worry, we completely understand and that is why All Air Services is here to help you curb any potential problems, solve existing ones of your ACs or provide any servicing to your air conditioning units. All Air Services ranks one of the best on the market as we have provided countless solutions for over 15 years in Perth. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime, we will be waiting for your call.

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