Are Mitsubishi Air Conditioners Any Good: Why Every Perth Home Needs The Best Air Conditioner On The Market

Residential Air Conditioner System

Whether you are new to Perth’s southern heat or have been around for some time, air conditioners have or will become your next best buddy in your home. Specifically, Mitsubishi’s air conditioners

With Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioners and Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners being some of the best in the industry, you can’t go wrong with having one of them installed in your home. Although being under the same parent company, both Mitsubishi companies are focused on different aspects of air conditioning to provide your homes with the best and necessary features. Why should you buy a Mitsubishi air conditioner?

Cieza Split System Air Conditioner

There are many reasons why you should opt for a Mitsubishi aircon but one of the main qualities that will be sure to catch your attention would be its ‘Split System Air Conditioner’. Essentially, what it does is that it channels cold air through itself to cool the air it blows out. A reverse cycle air conditioner does the opposite and distributes heat instead. 

As its name suggests, it has two parts: The outdoor compressor unit (the engine) and the indoor unit (the outlet). The indoor unit is what you would usually see which is a horizontal machine that distributes the cool air while the outdoor unit is a compressor that helps direct the refrigerant back into the indoor unit. 

Unlike the usual window air conditioner which is the simplest type of air conditioning unit, split system air conditioners are less complicated to install with lesser components. Additionally, mini-split air conditioners are environmentally friendly! 

Nowadays, a modern small split system air conditioner uses a more environmentally friendlier refrigerant that causes little to zero ozone depletion. If you are a homeowner who wishes to lend their hand in saving our environment, having a split air system conditioner may just be your way to go.  

Due to these qualities, you might be wondering which Mitsubishi air conditioners provide you the best value for money. Like all brands, Mitsubishi split system air conditioners have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a more in-depth look at them.  

Are Mitsubishi air conditioners any good? 

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 

  Pros Cons
Durable and Reliable  May need regular maintenance and cleaning for it to run smoothly in the long-run. Especially the outdoor unit as leaves, dirt or debris can get stuck. 
High Performance and Energy Efficient, making it Cost-Effective
Variety of Styles
Easier to find parts and service


Mitsubishi Electric 

Pros Cons
SMART Technology May not be as powerful as the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ aircon
User-Friendly Leaning on the expensive side
Durable and Reliable Cooling and power-saving performance may not be up to par with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Easy to find parts and services

Understandably, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has been in the market for longer than Mitsubishi Electric, making them one of the leading companies for best air conditioners in residential and commercial spaces. 


Which one should you buy?

 There is a good range for you to consider from both Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Mitsubishi Electric. To save you some time, here are our recommendations that we feel will greatly benefit your homes: 


 1) Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Avanti Plus  

One of the quietest split systems on the market as of now, this air conditioner not only comes in a variety of styles but has an energy-saving sensor motion that helps you save on electrical and environmental costs. 


 2) Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Avanti Series 

Similar to the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Avanti Plus, these split system air conditioners come in a sleek and stylish finish that will undoubtedly jazz up your home. They are wall-mounted and are well-suited to small and medium spaces. 


 3) Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Bronte Series 

These series would be ideal for larger spaces due to their long-reach airflow system. If you have a large home and wish to only have a single air conditioner for your entire house, this would be something to consider. 


 4) Mitsubishi Electric AP Series

While some may argue that Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners may be lacking compared to their premium partner, they are actually just as good if not better with their innovative smart technology. The AP Series adopts an R32 Refrigerant that increases energy efficiency that has greatly helped the environment. 


Which model of Mitsubishi AC is best?

In terms of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, it would be their Avanti Bronte Series. It is eco-friendly, running on a slightly reduced capacity that lowers power consumption while maintaining a nice, cooling temperature. With Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning, on the other hand, would be their AP Series. While they are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, they are also highly efficient in providing you with the necessary comfort in your space. Ultimately, the best split air conditioner is up to your preference that covers all of your checklists such as capacity, air quality, and efficiency of a home air conditioner. 


How much do they cost?

What is the cost of a Mitsubishi split system?

On average, both Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioners start at an estimation of $4000 which includes professional installation. One of the main aspects you should take into account would be its capacity. The larger your space, the higher the air conditioner’s capacity would have to be. Naturally, the cost would then be higher. Undeniably, this may seem like a large amount to some, especially for starting homeowners, having a Mitsubishi air conditioning unit can be seen as a long-term investment.

Where can you purchase your air conditioner?

Together with All Air Services, you are more than welcome to browse and find your potential air conditioners! Our friendly experts will be more than happy to consult and guide you along the way so feel free to drop us an enquiry or phone us at 08 9303 9881. Get your air conditioner needs such as shopping, installation, and/or repairing and servicing now!

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