Which Split System AC Is The Best Value For Money?

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In Australia, the best value for money air conditioner isn’t going to be the cheapest, it will be the one that runs the best. We live in an extreme climate, and we are going to be using our air conditioners a lot. Having one that is the kindest on your power bill because it is energy efficient will save you money in the long run. 

But which one is best? What is a split system air conditioner? What are the best split system brands? In this article, we will walk through all of these things, and more, so you can make an informed decision to get the best value for money out of your air conditioner. 


http://iamlearningdisabled.com/defiance-and-opposition/comment-page-1/ What is a Split System Air Conditioner?

A split system air con is a type of refrigerant air conditioning unit that channels refrigerant liquid through itself in order to cool the air it blows. Similarly, it does the opposite when a room needs to be heated. 

It is called a split system air conditioner because it comes in two parts. The outdoor compressor unit (the engine) and the indoor unit (the outlet). 


Pangil The Indoor Unit

The indoor unit is the long, horizontal machine that you see inside the room and is what distributes the cool or warm air. They typically have; a heat exchange coil, filters, remote signal receiver, and fan.  


The Outdoor Unit

The external outdoor compressor unit directs the refrigerant to the internal unit in order for the air to be cooled or heated. The outdoor unit contains a; compressor, propeller fan, circuit board, and heat exchange coil.


Why Buy a Split System Air Conditioner?

Split system air conditioners are one of the most popular types of air conditioners. They have many benefits, but most importantly, they are very cost-effective! Just take a look at the Mitsubishi split system air conditioners available, it is a shining example! Some of the benefits include: 

  • Fantastic for cooling or heating at least one medium to large sized room where a portable air conditioner may be lacking 
  • Easy-to-install in almost any location
  • Cost-effective purchase and installation
  • Perfect if you need to cool a few rooms but not the entire house, which would need the more expensive ducted system. 


4 Tips on How to Choose a Split System Air Conditioner

The cost for a split system air conditioner is low, but it is not the only thing you should consider. Here are some of the other things to think about: 

  • Filter and Dehumidifier 

If you live somewhere with a lot of dust/pollen, or live with someone who is prone to allergies or asthma, you should try to select an approved Sensitive Choice system. All air conditioners will have filters and dehumidifiers, but some will do the job better.

  • Air Conditioner Timer 

If you want a system that will turn on/off with a timer, that is an option. Most systems have the feature already, but not all. You should be aware if the system does or does not have the feature before you buy. 

  • Best Air Conditioner Energy Rating 

Each air conditioner will have a different energy rating that will not only save you money on your power bill, but will be beneficial for the environment. You should not only check which brands do it best, but which unit. The initial outlay may be more expensive, but it will be worth it over time.

  • Do You Want Heating?

If you want heating as well as cooling, it will be more expensive. You will need a reverse cycle split system air conditioner. If you live somewhere that is a touch colder or you get a bit nippy during winter, you should definitely consider a reverse cycle system. 


The Pros and Cons of Split System Air Conditioners

As with anything, there are no doubt strengths and weaknesses of split system air conditioners. Here is a list of what they are:


  • Efficient heating and cooling
  • Whisper quiet
  • Doesn’t have to make many changes to your home when installing
  • Often the most cost-effective option
  • Less running costs than a ducted system 


  • Not very good for open plan spaces and apartment buildings 
  • The outside condenser can still be noisy
  • Cannot be installed yourself and needs a professional
  • Usually more expensive than window units
  • Strained and inefficient split systems can be expensive to run


Big Air Conditioner. Small Air Conditioner. Wattage One Should You Get? 

It might be obvious, but the wattage means how much power it takes to run the system. A normal split system system for a small room of about 12 square meters will be 2kW. Meanwhile a larger room will use anywhere up to a 10kW system, such as this Mitsubishi Bronte. A ducted system may have an even higher kW and go into the high teens!

Even though a lower kW system will use less power, if it is overworked in a bigger room, it will drain more! A small split system air conditioner is used for a small room, and a big split system air conditioner is used for a big room. I like to use the analogy of a car towing a trailer. A small car that is redlining to tow something will use more petrol than a car designed to tow the load. Read more on how to run your air conditioner efficiently in summer.


Which Is The Best Split System Air Conditioner In Australia/The Best Value For Money?

When it comes down to it, any of the reputable air conditioner brands are good value for money in Australia, as long as they are energy efficient. We live in an extreme climate, so it is worth paying a bit extra for an air conditioner that isn’t going to sink your wallet in an inflatable power bill. As such, you should know how to read energy efficiency labels. Australia and New Zealand split air conditioners have to undergo stringent quality controls. 

However, you can start to judge value for money more closely when you look at individual series from these brands. You can get an in-depth understanding of energy efficient brands here. We would say the most energy efficient/best value for money brands/series are: 

  1. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Avanti Plus
  2. Daikin Alira Series 
  3. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Avanti Series 
  4. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Bronte Series 
  5. Mitsubishi Aircon Electric AP Series 


Make Sure You Keep The Best Value Air Conditioner After You Buy It and GET IT SERVICED 

There’s no point having your ac run at half capacity for the busiest time, all summer long. That will just waste your time and money. Additionally, you don’t want it breaking on you on a scorching hot summer day. Just get it serviced beforehand! 

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