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Residential Air Conditioner System, Tips

Location, Location: Where Should I Install My Air Conditioner?

So, you’ve found the perfect size air conditioner for your space, but where on earth ...

Residential Air Conditioner System, Tips

Size Matters: What Air Conditioner Size Do I Need?

When it comes to your air conditioner, size really does matter. But in the same ...

Blog, Residential Air Conditioner System

Air Purifier 101: What Does it Do? Does it work?

Does the concept of an air purifier puzzle you? Are you dubious whether they actually ...

Blog, Residential Air Conditioner System, Tips

What is the Dry Mode in Air Conditioners: A Rundown

Have you ever used the dry mode function on your air conditioner? Do you always ...

Residential Air Conditioner System, Tips, Troubleshooting

My Air Conditioner Won’t Cool: Here’s What to Do

As the weather in Australia is heating up and we’re moving into the scorching summer, ...

Blog, Commercial Air Conditioner System, Residential Air Conditioner System, Troubleshooting

Oh No, My Air Conditioner Leaks Water: What to Do

It’s a dreaded scenario. You crank up the air conditioner, only to realise that it ...

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