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Selecting an air conditioner can be an arduous task. There is a massive variety of brands and series on the market. The easiest thing to do is to select a brand first, so you can narrow down your search to a few series. Mitsubishi split system air conditioners, and the range of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioners, will undoubtedly satisfy your cooling and heating needs. But which series from these brands is best? In this blog, we will walk through some of the things you need to know before making a decision.

El Cerrito What is the Difference Between Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries?

It is easy to see why you might think there is no difference at all between Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioning. After all, they both have the name “Mitsubishi”. However, these two brands are in fact not the same, and have been separate companies since 1921. Mitsubishi Electric broke away from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in 1921 to make electric motors for ocean vessels. Since then, they each make different products and fight over market share.

iridescently Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries split systems are somewhat more of a premium brand and pack some serious punch when it comes to cooling or heating your space. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries aircons come in a range of capacities from 1.7kW to a whopping 9.5kW. Their price tags may be a touch higher, but you pay a premium price for a premium brand. 


  • “Allergen Clear” systems that capture and eliminate allergens, which will be a massive benefit for people who suffer from allergies
  • Wi-Fi connectivity so you can control your system much easier
  • Automatic mode so you can keep your space at an exact and precise ideal temperature 
  • Self-cleaning mode, which dries the inside of the system that, along with the anti-mould filter, makes sure you always breathe clean air 
  • Energy-saving motion sensors and eco mode, to make them some of the most energy efficient systems on the market

The smaller the system, the greater the energy rating. The Mitsubishi Avanti 2.5kW reverse cycle split system air conditioner has a six-star energy rating, ideal for smaller apartments. The Mitsubishi Avanti 5kW model has a decent four and a half-star energy rating. Mitsubishi Heavy industries even do ducted systems up to 28kW, which is perfect for temperature control in larger spaces

Some Products

The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Avanti Series and the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Avanti Plus range are the top of the line. Some more of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioners available include:

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioner reviews stunned the market by landing five-stars for six out of seven categories on Canstar. A remarkable effort.


  • Long-lasting and reliable units so you know you will stay at the perfect temperature
  • High performance and energy efficient so you limit your impact on your power bill and the environment
  • Cost-effective, thanks to its energy efficiency
  • Whisper quiet, so you are not bothered by clunky air conditioning noise


A complaint with these Mitsubishi split AC systems is that the fan coil arrangements are a little awkward. The fan coils have individual fins that are close together, which attracts dust and grime and makes it quite easy for the fan to become clogged. This also means that it is more difficult to clean.

The argument against this is that having the fan coils closer together is a better look than having them further apart. So if you don’t mind regular cleaning of these coils, it is hardly a complaint.

Mitsubishi Electric 

The Mitsubishi Electric brand is more of a one-stop-shop and supplies to both residential and commercial. They have; split systems, wall-mounted, ducted, console, bulkhead, ceiling mounted and multi head air conditioning systems. Mitsubishi Electric also comes in sleek black finishes, instead of just the traditional white.


Some of the features on Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners include

  • Voice control for ease of use
  • Google assistant and Alexa compatibility
  • i-Save Mode so you can save your favourite setting
  • Long Mode to distribute air more evenly

Some Products 

Mitsubishi Electric products, as they have a wide range of one-stop-shop products, have a massive variation of price, from around $1,000 to $5,000. Some of the products include:

  • Mitsubishi Electric 2.5kW reverse cycle split inverter air conditioner 
  • Mitsubishi Electric 3.5kW reverse cycle split inverter air conditioner 
  • Mitsubishi Electric 5kW reverse cycle split inverter air conditioner 
  • Mitsubishi Electric 8kW reverse cycle split inverter air conditioner 

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning reviews were also well documented by the market, sporting five-stars in four of the seven Canstar categories; reliability, functionality and features, ease of use, and value for money.


  • Durable air conditioners with fan coils far apart that do not get readily clogged
  • Smart technology so you can very easily control your system
  • Whisper quiet technology 
  • Thanks to the smart technology, these Mitsubishi split air conditioning systems are very user-friendly


The major complaint with Mitsubishi Electric is that they simply aren’t as powerful as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, unless you are paying for their high end products. However, this isn’t to say Mitsubishi Electric is bad, it is merely a testimony to the quality Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has achieved over more than one-hundred years in business. 

Another complaint is some people, particularly the elderly, may find the smart technology features overwhelming, and will prefer manual setting. 

Air Conditioning Installation 

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