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We all know that usually the more energy efficient the air conditioner is, the better. But is it all as easy as just picking the most “energy efficient” and being done with it? How on earth do you even tell? Why is an energy efficient air conditioner a good air conditioner? Are energy efficiency labels just a marketing tool? Absolutely not!

The fact of the matter is that energy efficiency is very important to the performance of your air conditioner, your power bill, and the environment. There are several things that contribute to its rating, which are all communicated in the energy efficiency label. The point of the label is so all air conditioners in Australia and New Zealand can be held accountable and to the same standard under a universal system. 

Energy efficiency labels are as confusing to some people as the engineering of the air conditioning system itself! But luckily for you, you don’t need any qualifications or years of experience to understand an energy efficiency label. If you keep on reading this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to completely understand air conditioning energy efficiency.  


straightforwardly What Are Energy Rating Labels?

How is aircon efficiency calculated? With an energy rating! An energy rating label, though they have changed styles and methods over the past 30 years, is a universal system for consumers to judge air conditioners on a level platform. What Is The Energy STAR Rating In Australia and New Zealand? 

The star rating is a point system between 1 and 6 that rates how well an air conditioning unit heats and cools, compared to other systems of the same size. More stars means more efficient, and less is less efficient. 

However, for some systems, like the Avanti PLUS split system, a very rare 7-star super efficiency rating can be awarded. These ratings are reserved for the leading air conditioners in the country. Why Is The Energy Star Rating Important 

The energy star rating is an important tool for consumers to make informed buying decisions when browsing air conditioners. Without a third party rating for products like air conditioners, the consumer is left to rely on the marketing of the manufacturer. An independent body helps with removing biases 


What Is The Zoned Energy Rating Label?

Air conditioner energy rating is labeled with the zoned energy rating label, or ZERL for short. Any air conditioner sold in Australia after April 1 2020 must display a ZERL. The label is designed to help consumers make informed purchases on the energy-efficiency of their air conditioners. It rates an air conditioners power consumption on 3 categories: 

  • Cooling 
  • Heating 
  • Average 

The label is out of 10 stars for each category and the more stars a system has, the greater the energy efficiency. 

How To Read A ZERL

When reading a ZERL for your air conditioner, you should follow 6 steps to completely understand what you are looking at. The 6 steps are: 

1. On the left hand side, check if the label you are looking matches the system you want 

2. Look at the “hot”, “average”, and “cold” sections of the label, this refers to climates around Australia. Cross reference with the map, and decide which area you fall into. 

3. Look at the heating and cooling star rating it has been awarded to see how well it performs in your area. 

4. Contemplate what you want the air conditioning for. If you only want cooling because you live in a hot climate, maybe you don’t mind that the air conditioner lacks heating efficiency. 

5. Look at the capacity figures at the top of the label. These will tell you the output power of the system in certain temperatures and how much electricity it will use. These along with the efficiency of the system will give you a good idea of its quality. 

6. The last thing to look at is the noise rating at the bottom left of the label. This will tell you how loud the system is both inside and outside the house. 

What Is The Energy-Efficiency Ratio?

The energy-efficiency ratio, or EER, is another calculation people use, on top of the ZERL, to determine air conditioner energy consumption. How do you calculate EER rating on AC? The ratio is calculated by dividing the output (capacity) of the air conditioner, by the power input. 

A higher EER means that that air conditioner is more efficient with its power use. You should aim for a 4 star air conditioner EER or higher, such as this Mitsubishi Avanti Plus air conditioner, with ultimate air energy.


What Does Air Conditioner Wattage Mean and Which Is The Most Energy Efficient? 

It might be obvious, but the wattage means how much power it takes to run the system. A normal split system system for a small room of about 12 square meters will be 2kW. Meanwhile a larger room will use anywhere up to a 10kW system, such as this Mitsubishi Bronte. A ducted system may have an even higher kW and go into the high teens!

Even though a lower kW system will use less power, if it is overworked in a bigger room, it will drain more! I like to use the analogy of a car towing a trailer. A small car that is redlining to tow something will use more petrol than a car designed to tow the load. The best way to save money on your power bill is to know how to run an air conditioner efficiently. 

Before you buy an air conditioner, you should look at an air conditioner size guide, so you can work out what size air conditioner you need for your space!


Where To Browse For An Energy Efficient Air Conditioner

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