Location, Location: Where Should I Install My Air Conditioner?

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So, you’ve found the perfect size air conditioner for your space, but where on earth should you install it?

There are various factors to take into consideration when deciding where to install an air conditioner in your home, office, or business. It also depends on whether it’s a split air conditioner or ducted air conditioner. 

An air conditioner that is installed in the incorrect position could result in the designated area not cooling down enough. It could also potentially lead to the need for frequent maintenance because of damage caused by, for example, direct sunlight or water.

We break down the differences and optimal places to install your air conditioner to make it easier for you.

Split Air Conditioner Versus Ducted Air Conditioner

Split air systems are effectively air conditioning units that consist of both an outdoor and indoor unit. The name says it all – it is split into two, namely the cooling, condensing unit as well as the air handling unit. The indoor unit is responsible for blowing the cooled or warm air into the room, whereas the outdoor unit contains the refrigerant responsible for the cooling process. 

Some of the benefits of using a split air conditioner include that it tends to be quieter and is easier to install than a ducted air conditioner. It also tends to save you money as there is little opportunity for energy loss in the cooling process. 

Ducted air conditioners on the other hand operate through the use of several ducts. It has a fancoil unit that is installed in your roof. From here, the ducts run into the different rooms that you are cooling. This means that you get to cool down several rooms individually, referred to as “zoning”. This is all operated by the thermostat located on the wall, which enables you to easily cool down an entire house.

One of the benefits of the ducted air conditioning system is that you can set individual temperatures for each room in the building. It is also more aesthetically pleasing as it is less visible than the split air conditioning unit.

Where Should I Install a Split Air Conditioner?

Installing the Indoor Unit

When it comes to choosing the location for the indoor part of the split air conditioner, you should look for a central place in the area you are aiming to cool down. This will ensure that the airflow is evenly distributed throughout the room.

Another thing to remember is to keep the distance between the outdoor and indoor units to a minimum to reduce cooling loss. The split air conditioner indoors also requires at least 15cm of unobstructed space at the top and sides for optimal airflow.

We break down the different rooms and the best places to install the air conditioner in each room.


When you are installing the air conditioner in your living room, you should look at placing it near the area where you will be seated most of the time. 


When it is installed in your bedroom, however, you should place it so that the air does not blow directly over the bed. This can cause a bit of a sore throat when you wake up the next morning. The ideal place is behind your bed, just off the side.

Remember: Warm Air Rises, Cool Air Sinks

When it comes to the height where you should install your air conditioner on the wall, regardless of the room, you should keep in mind that cool air sinks. So, if you install the unit higher up on your wall, then it will cool the space more evenly.

Where to Install the Outdoor Unit

When you are installing the outdoor air conditioning unit, you should ensure that the area won’t get a lot of dust and that there are not a lot of trees around. This will ensure that your air conditioner’s filter won’t trap as much dirt and won’t get blocked, causing malfunctioning issues.

Another factor that might not immediately jump to mind when you are considering where to install your outside unit is the neighbours. Outdoor units can be fairly noisy so don’t install it where it could cause a disturbance for those living around you.

Living in Australia, you also have to consider direct sunlight on the outdoor unit. If it is placed in a very sunny, hot spot, it will mean that the air conditioner will have to work overtime to cool down your space.

Where to Install a Ducted Air Conditioner?

Where to Install the Indoor Unit 

A ducted air conditioner’s indoor unit is usually installed behind walls or in ceilings. This means that it is less visible and more aesthetically pleasing. A professional will be able to help you install the indoor unit in order to ensure that it does not pose any safety hazards. 

Where to Install the Outdoor Unit

Place your outdoor air conditioning unit in a cooler area of your outdoor space. Consider an area that is clear of trees and where there is enough ventilation. ­

It should also not be in an area where it can get into contact with corrosive substances. You also need to consider the wall you are installing it on as it should not vibrate, which could also lead to damage.

Some general factors to keep in mind include not installing it where it will compromise the fire safety or structural integrity of the building. It should also be installed away from electrical fittings that could be a potential hazard in the event of the air conditioner leaking.

Where to install the thermostat?

Did you think that the thermostat’s location does not matter? Then you will be surprised to know that where you install it will ultimately affect the performance as well as the overall efficiency of your air conditioner. That’s because the thermostat plays an important role when it comes to regulating the temperature and if not placed correctly it will give you incorrect results.

It should also be placed away from anything that could generate heat, such as any electronics, electrical devices, or kitchen appliances. If you do place it near any of these aforementioned items, it could give you inaccurate temperature readings and cause it to fluctuate. This in turn will lead to your air conditioner working extra hard and ending in hefty energy bills.

Still Unsure?

If you are ever in doubt, always contact a professional for expert advice in order to determine the correct place to install your air conditioner. It’s better to get the right location for your air conditioner from the very start as it will cost you a lot of money and effort if you install it somewhere where it will get damaged or won’t cool down the room effectively.

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