How Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Service Helps the Planet (And Your Wallet)

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As a leading air conditioning service in Perth, we understand that making small but wise changes in your home will positively influence your energy consumption. We discuss how you can bring energy efficiency home to your cooling and heating air conditioning system and how it helps our planet. How Do I Make My Air Conditioning System Energy-Efficient?

Many industries are energy-saving focused, and you can now start making green decisions as early as the construction phase of your home. Where you place your windows, how many windows you have, and the materials you use in construction all play a role in making your house more energy-efficient.

An informed choice of your residential AC service is an excellent way to start with minimising your carbon footprint. When choosing your air conditioner, consider the energy rating label and the zoned energy rating labels on appliances. The rating will give you an idea of how efficient the device is in saving energy.

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At All Air Services in Perth, we have a range of different air conditioners. The trick is to find the unit that will work perfectly for your home and your needs. Consider these units, where they work well, how energy-efficient they are and the air conditioner service cost.

Split System Air Conditioner Perth

 A split system is a straightforward unit that is easy to install and operate. The unit has a sleek appearance that works in most environments. A split system has an indoor system linked to an outdoor system that houses the fan and condenser.

The benefit of this unit is that it works in areas where you have limited space. You don’t need any ductwork or significant renovations for the installation. With a split-system air conditioner in Perth, temperature control is easy with the remote, and the unit works very discreetly. A split system is energy efficient as you don’t have air travelling through ducts where energy loss occurs. 

A unit like this works well in a small area, and if you have a single room in your house that requires air-conditioning. Installation costs are low, and your aircon cleaning cost is reasonable. You could later convert this to a multi-split system if more areas in your home require cooling. Split air conditioners could also later be partially powered by solar panels when you become energy-savvy.

Multi Split System Air Conditioner

 A multi-split system air conditioner is very much like a split system. The most significant difference is that you will have multiple indoor units linked to only one outdoor unit.

A multi-split system is ideal for your house if you have multiple bedrooms that require air conditioning. A multi-split system allows you to individually control the temperature in each room, which ensures comfort for everyone in the house. Controlling room temperatures separately will ensure no energy loss if one room requires less cooling or heating.

Ducted Air Conditioner Perth

Ducted air conditioners are efficient when your entire house and multiple rooms require cooling. Ducting systems only work if there is enough space available.

Ducted systems are more expensive than split units, but it improves the face value of your property on the outside as there is no outer part of a unit; the entire system is in the roof. Having a ducted system in your home will likely add value to your property.

This system will cool all rooms through a thermostat controlled from one point in your home. A ducted system provides even temperatures all around but takes away the convenience of having a remote to control temperatures. In terms of energy efficiency, the ducted system is not as effective as split systems. The air movement through the ducts causes a loss of energy, and you might also argue that some areas of your house are cooled where it is not needed, thereby wasting energy.

The upside to a ducted air conditioner in Perth is, it helps remove humidity from your home.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

Reverse cycling is a very efficient cooling and heating system as it can do both with just a single unit. The unit is efficient as heat is absorbed from the surrounding air and achieves cooling or heating with refrigeration or reverse refrigeration cycles.

It is very cost-effective in terms of energy. Reverse cycle air conditioning can heat three units of air with one unit of electricity. Reverse cycling is, unfortunately, the most expensive type of air conditioning. Upfront costs are considerable, but this pays off in the long term with efficient energy use and doubles up with cooling and heating capabilities. Reverse cycle air conditioning is also complex to install and will need professional installation.

Inverter Air Conditioner

This type of air conditioning is excellent at reading your room to help you stay energy efficient. An inverter air conditioner uses a controlled compressor and can adjust the output on what the thermostat reads. 

An inverter controls the compressor’s speed which then, in turn, continuously adjusts the temperature. A non-inverter unit cannot alter its capacity and therefore always works to full power, wasting energy. This saving of energy, in turn, helps you to save money. 

Unfortunately, installation costs are pretty high. However, this unit is a good investment, and its lifespan is much longer than non-inverter air conditioners.

Evaporative Air Conditioner Perth

Using evaporative air conditioners in Perth is the most cost-effective way of cooling down. An evaporative system only uses a fan and a water pump. This system is environmentally friendly as it does not use refrigerants that emit gasses. They are also relatively cheap and easy to install.

The downside to evaporative air conditioners is that the units use a lot of water in operation, adding to costs. You also have less control over the temperature than with other cooling units.

How Do Energy-Efficient Air Conditioners Bring Down Residential Costs?

At All Air Services in Perth, our variety of air conditioners are designed to suit your individual needs. Keep the following questions in mind when you purchase a unit:

  • The size of the area you want to cool. Is it a single room or multiple rooms?
  • Do you need to be able to control the temperatures of rooms individually?
  • Do you have heating and cooling needs?
  • What are installation and maintenance costs that you need to keep in mind?

Your air conditioning needs to be energy-saving while adding value to your property. Where your pocket allows, it is better to think long term and pay a higher upfront cost but save money and energy in the long run.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Cost

Lastly, it is vital to maintain your air conditioner and you should keep this AC service price in mind. A unit that is not running well will immediately push up your monthly costs and potentially waste significant energy that affects your wallet and the environment. All Air Services in Perth can assist with your air conditioner’s maintenance and repair needs.

Make sure that you regularly check that your unit is running well. If it makes any strange noises, if the cooling is not as effective as it used to be, or your bills seem to surge – immediately consider servicing your unit.

Your Local Aircon Service Perth

Managing the best climate in your home while keeping your budget and energy consumption in mind is no easy task. At All Air conditioners in Perth, we can help you take all important aspects into account and help you find the best solution to your climate needs.

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