How to Switch Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Modes

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While we can all appreciate the numerous advancements in today’s Mitsubishi air conditioning units, we can also agree that many of us do get confused over the complex names, symbols and modes they have to offer. Whether it is on the air conditioning unit itself or its remote control, it can get frustrating having to figure it out. Especially on a hot and humid day, when the last thing you want to do is get your Mitsubishi AC into the right mode. What are the different modes and what do they mean? 

There are various aircon modes your Mitsubishi AC may have, which to some can get overwhelming and confusing at times. Especially if you are a new Mitsubishi air conditioner owner.  Having air conditioner modes explained allows you to get familiar and acquainted to what your AC can offer to you, allowing you to enjoy your aircon unit to the best of its abilities. Modes Meaning
Auto  As its name suggests, the AC unit will adjust the modes according to the temperature of your space. 

Simply set your desired temperature and allow the compressor to either speed up or slow down to maintain that temperature. 

Cool  The cool mode switches on the compressor to produce cool air into your space. Once the air conditioning unit senses it has reached the desired temperature, the compressor switches off and the fan will run. 
Dry Also known as the dehumidifier mode, this dry mode on the air conditioner mode gets rid of the extra humidity in your space. The best temperature for dry mode would be 24 degrees celsius. 


Perfect for colder regions, this mode produces warm air until the set temperature is reached. Like the cool mode, once the desired temperature is met, the compressor will slow and eventually stop. 
Fan The fan mode helps provide air flow by circulating the air in your space without having to produce more.  


When should I use each mode?

This very much depends on your preference and the current season or weather. If your surroundings are approaching hotter days where humidity is at an all time high, dry aircon mode would be ideal. However, if it is for everyday use, cool mode would work just fine. 


How do I use different modes in AC?

It is easy! Normally, your Mitsubishi AC would already be in auto mode once it is switched on. For everyday use, whether it is to lounge at home or have a good night’s sleep, cool mode or fan mode would be best to keep you and your loved ones at home comfortable. Dry mode on your air conditioner would be best used during humid weather while heat mode is perfect for colder weather. 


How do I change the mode on my AC remote?

If you are now wondering How do I set my AC to cool mode, it is simple.  To use the different modes, look at your Mitsubishi aircon remote control symbols labeled ‘MODE’ to cycle through the various modes available. Click on that button until it reaches the mode you want and set your desired temperature along with it. 


What mode should my AC be on?

Normally, your AC would be in auto mode that is in line with your set temperature. Ultimately, the mode of your AC would be decided by you and your preferences. If you and your loved ones prefer cool mode, 16 to 18 degrees celsius would be ideal while dry mode would be 22 to 25 degrees celsius would be best.


What are other important symbols to know?

Apart from the common Mitsubishi symbols, there are also error codes you should be aware of. To simply put it, error codes or blinking codes are signs of possible internal problems within your AC. Frequent visits of these codes could be possible signs of needing a new AC unit in the near future

There are many Mitsubishi aircon symbols but luckily, they are easy and simple to understand. Here are some common Mitsubishi air conditioner symbols every homeowner should know: 

Mitsubishi aircon remote symbols Meaning

Automatic Fan Speed

The air conditioning unit will automatically select the best fan speed to accommodate the operation mode and set temperature.

Airflow Control

This controls the direction of airflow the AC is blowing to. There can be Indirect, Direct and Evenflow


‘Purifier’ activates an air purifying system to reduce airborne bacteria and allergens that may harm your space and yourself. 

Night Mode

This mode is ideal for bedrooms during sleeping hours. It limits the noise level of the outdoor unit, disables any alerts and dims the light of the operation indicator. 

Econo Cool 

When activating this mode on ‘Cool’ mode, it engages an energy saving mode. 

Who can help you with all your aircon needs?

Learning how to switch modes on your air conditioner will soon become second nature as time goes by. Soon enough, your home will soon be enjoying whichever Mitsubishi aircon modes whenever you like. In the meantime, if you have any more enquiries regarding your AC unit, whether it is to repair your current AC or to replace your existing one to a newer one, drop us an enquiry here at All Air Services. Our long presence here in the market has made us one of the best and trust-worthy experts for your air conditioning needs, do not hesitate to consult with us!

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