What is Air Conditioning Zone Control?

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Does the concept of air conditioning zone control intrigue you? Or do you have no idea what it means? Either way, we’ve got the answers as to what air conditioning zone control is, how it works, and all of the advantages it will bring you throughout the seasons.

What is a Ducted Air Conditioning Zone Control System Exactly?

Whether at home or your office, chances are you’ve bickered about air conditioning at some point in your life. Different folks have different strokes, and that’s why the same temperature setting will never suit everyone!

What is an air conditioning zone control system, then? Well, it’s in the name: it creates zones in your home, office or retail building. Standard air conditioners heat or cool your building as a whole, which means you will have to set each room to the same temperature and airflow settings.

On the other hand, air conditioning zone control allows more flexibility when it comes to both air control and temperature settings. Now there’s no more need to fight over the aircon remote control!

How Does Air Conditioner Zone Control Work?

When using air conditioning zone control systems, you will usually have one central ‘common zone’. This could be, for example, your living room or your waiting room in the office. This area can take up at least 25% of the space or even more. Using a ducted air conditioning zone control system, you can switch on or off and adjust air-con settings in each other individual room.

By installing dampers in your air conditioning ducts, controlling your air conditioning is easier, as it effectively acts as ‘vents’, redirecting to each individual zone. These vents then open and close according to the setting you select on the zone’s remote control.

In short, just like you would not have a single light switch that leaves all the lights in the house burning at all times of the day, you similarly should not have one air conditioning unit cooling or heating your entire home all day, every day. That’s where zoning comes in.

What is a ‘Zone’?

When it comes to air conditioning, a ‘zone’ refers to a specific area with a direct airflow from the air conditioning unit. This is usually a room that is closed off from the rest of the building, such as an office or bedroom.

Using a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system, it has a zone barrel that leads into the ‘zone’, giving it unique control of that zone’s airflow and, therefore, temperature. You can even group zones, such as all the bedrooms in a house, for example.

Each of these zones will have its own thermostat, as well as a motorised damper on the ductwork that leads to the room. When you make your preferred heating or cooling selection on that zone’s remote control and thermostat, it will open this damper, releasing warm or cool air into the room.

Types of Air Conditioning Controllers

One Zone Climate Control

One zone climate control, sometimes referred to as single zone climate control, only gives you control over one area or ‘zone’. That means that this area and all of its sections or rooms is set to the same temperature at all times.

Dual-Zone Climate Control

Dual zone climate control, sometimes referred to as multi-zone climate control, allows you to set the temperature for several zones. In other words, your bedroom can be set to a different temperature than your living room.

Advantages of a Zone Controller

Energy Saving

By giving you the ability to switch off the air conditioning in unoccupied rooms, zone climate control allows for energy efficiency. However, it’s important to note that your common zone will use energy whenever the air conditioning is switched on, but you can switch the other rooms on and off as you wish for energy efficiencies. Therefore, you should ensure that you choose the most actively used room as your common zone.

Saving You Money

Naturally, if it is saving energy, it is saving you money. You should notice a decrease in your electricity bills. However, this will only be the case if and when you are using the zoning system correctly.

Customised Comfort

We all know that temperature control is a very personal thing. You can have one family member or a colleague sweating while the other is shivering from the cold. That’s why zoning is such an efficient way to keep everyone happy and comfortable!

System Lifespan

By setting up different zones, your air conditioning unit does not take such a strain — especially if you have rooms you don’t always use.

Centralised Control

Giving you full air and climate control with the tap of a touch screen button, you can easily control your air conditioning unit. Some units like iZone Control even allow you to switch it off remotely when you depart on an impromptu weekend away and cannot swing by the house to switch it off.

Some smart units also enable you to schedule temperatures in advance so that your chosen room is cool and comfortable as soon as you set foot inside the house after a long, hard day’s work.

How Do I Choose the Best Air Conditioning Zone Control System for My Space?

First, consider what air conditioning system you already have in place, if any. This will make your choice easier. For example, if you already have a ducted system installed, a professional can come in to make the necessary tweaks to turn it into a zoning system.

They usually do this by adding dampers into the existing ductwork. However, if you have no air conditioning in place, you will have to opt for the complete system.

Get the Best Air Conditioner to Keep Everyone Happy

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