Spring Air Conditioning Servicing and Maintenance Tips to Get Ready for Summer

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Before summer is in full swing and the weather slowly starts to warm up in spring, you need to consider air conditioning servicing and maintenance checks to give your aircon the TLC it deserves.

We highlight some of the most important maintenance checks you can do during spring to ensure your air conditioning unit works flawlessly on the hottest days of the year. 

So, as soon as you see the first spring blooms, take the following steps to ensure that your air conditioner is in tip-top shape for summer. When in doubt, always call your air conditioner service and repair specialist to help you.

buy Lyrica cheap Why Is It Important to Get Your Aircon Ready in Spring for Summertime?

Summer is a busy time for air conditioner installation companies in Perth. Most customers wait until the last minute when the sun beats down on them before paying any attention to their air conditioners. Therefore, these air conditioning companies are overwhelmed with requests and unable to assist immediately. You’ll likely wait for weeks before they can get someone to come out, and it’s likely to cost a lot more too!

Aircon maintenance in Perth is essential not only to avoid any breakdowns when you need your air conditioner most, but it can also help alleviate any pressure on your unit. In other words, it can potentially make your air conditioner more cost-effective by being more energy-efficient. 

Cesano Maderno What Air Conditioning Maintenance in Perth Can You Do in Spring?

Clean Your Condenser

Your condenser is located on the outdoor part of your split air conditioning unit and is a good place to start when doing maintenance checks on your system. Always double-check that you’ve switched off the air conditioner before removing and cleaning the air conditioner cover. You can do this using water and a soft brush, but do it gently as it can bend easily and won’t work if it does. 

Check that everything is in order before closing it up again. If you see that anything looks out of order, call a professional for air con cleaning and repairs before switching it on again.

Change Your Filters

Your air conditioner’s filters should be checked frequently as a clogged, dirty filter can cause your unit to work overtime, sucking more electricity and leading to hefty bills. Furthermore, it can pose health issues as it will distribute more dust throughout your home. When checking your filters, always ensure that you switch off the furnace before removing the filter from the return air vent. 

You’ll either have to clean your filter or replace it entirely, depending on whether you have a disposable or reusable filter. If you have the latter and you wash it, always let it dry properly before replacing it. 

Check Your Thermostat  

Your thermostat is a vital part of your air conditioner, and you should treat it as such! To check it, turn your thermostat to the ‘cool’ setting, and set it roughly 4-5 degrees lower than your room temperature. Wait a while and check whether any cool air is blowing in. 

If not, you will have to contact the professionals to come in and give your air conditioner a tune-up. This will help increase your energy efficiency resulting in lower electricity bills, and prevent any breakdown issues when summer is in full swing! 

Inspect Your Refrigerant Line

You will see that you have two refrigerant lines running from your condenser into your home. You will also see that the bigger one is wrapped in insulation, which helps the air inside remain cool. If this insulation is not working as it should, your air conditioner will work overtime and result in energy and money wastage. 

Check that there are no cracks on the insulation, and if anything looks out of order, contact a professional, as leaving it can cause your air conditioner to freeze up. 

Take a Look at Your Drainage Pipe

If there are any blockages in your air conditioner’s drainage pipe, it can cause water to build up, flooding your aircon. It goes without saying that not having sufficient drainage is problematic! 

Therefore, you should inspect the part of your aircon inside the home and the condensate line that carries water into the drain pan. If you see anything that looks like a blockage or any flooding, call a professional for aircon service in Perth to take care of it. 

Evaporative Air Conditioning Maintenance 

If you have an evaporative air conditioner, it will require regular aircon cleaning and maintenance. That is because of all the contaminants that can build up, affecting performance and contaminating the air you inhale. Always ensure that you clean or replace blocked filters as they can become a pool of bacteria and mould, affecting your health. 

Mitsubishi Air Con Maintenance

When it comes to Mitsubishi air con maintenance, you should get the air filter washed and cleaned regularly, check the condenser unit fan, get the condensate drain inspected, and ensure you schedule regular professional maintenance. 

When Should You Book a Maintenance Technician Instead?

If your air conditioner has been out of order for months, it likely requires maintenance and servicing. If you want to avoid any downtime or disasters in summer, book your air con maintenance in Perth today. Performing regular maintenance checks and fixing minor issues could mean reduced risks of a breakdown, lower energy bills, as well as increased performance and efficiency in the long run.

Service Your Air Conditioner in Spring with Our Air Conditioning Service in Perth

If you’re ready to install a new air conditioner or need to give your existing air conditioning, like the Mitsubishi air con, maintenance, ensure that you do so before the busy summer months. 

If you don’t have heating and cooling solutions already implemented, reach out to us for our split system air conditioner service in Perth to keep you warm and cosy in winter and cool and collected in summer. Contact us for all your commercial and residential air conditioning needs in Perth today.  

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