Top 5 Features to Look For When Buying An Air Conditioner


It is that time of the year where homeowners are on the lookout for the next best air conditioner to have in their homes. Having an AC in your space is not just as simple as cooling your entire house but rather also having a good circulation of quality air to help remove potential pollutants around you. 

From a centralised air conditioning unit to a bedroom air conditioner, say goodbye to waking up with a stuffy nose and hello to fresh, improved sleep. Let’s help you find the AC for your home by identifying what are the top 5 features to look out for when buying an air conditioning unit. What features to look for in an AC?

When getting a new AC, normally you would first look at the aesthetics they offer that best fit your home but there is so much more than that. There are several features you should keep a lookout for to keep your home in a happy and comfortable environment. Here are our top 5 recommended features:

1) Anti-Bacterial Filter to eliminate chances of air pollutants coming into your home uninvited

2) Auto-Clean Function to prevent any bacteria growth due to unexpected moisture

3) WiFi Connectivity to enjoy a hands-free control wherever you are in the house

4) Sleep Mode that helps save your electricity bills whenever you are not using it

5) Cooling and Heating Features that keeps you cool or warm no matter the season

Additionally, here are 5 factors you should keep a lookout for when buying a new air conditioner:

  • Cost
    The cost of getting a new AC varies according to the quality and type of air conditioning unit you may be eyeing on. Additionally, do factor in air conditioning installation costs as well. For example, the cost of a split air system conditioner installation will vary with a ductless mini-split installation due to the difference in AC types.
  • Size of the room or space
    Going hand in hand with the cost, the size of the room or space will also affect the cost of your air conditioner.
  • Aircon size
    The bigger your space, the bigger your air conditioner will most likely be. Hence, affects the cost and maintenance over time.
  • Style
    This may not be as big of a deciding factor as many brands now have a wide variety of designs and styles to choose from
  • Type of air conditioning system
    Depending on your home and yourself, the type of air conditioning system will determine the air quality and comfort of your home. If you are wondering how many there are, keep on reading and we will enlighten you on some great available options! 

What are the 3 most important factors for an AC unit?

While there are factors you should consider when choosing your next best air conditioning unit for your home. Here are the main three vital factors you must always keep in mind:

1) Energy Efficiency

Simply put, this refers to the amount of power produced by a specific amount of energy given by the air conditioner’s compressor. The higher the energy, the more efficient your air conditioner will be.

2) Noise

This is a given as you would want an air conditioning unit that not only complies with your building’s or environment’s noise regulations but with your family’s as well. Imagine having an aircon that keeps you and your family awake for hours on end while you sleep, that is not exactly an ideal situation, right?

3) Power

Essentially, you would want an aircon that runs for a good amount of time to help decrease humidity levels. When humidity is decreased, air quality, atmosphere and your family and friends’ comfort generally gets better.


Which AC has the best features?

Air conditioners have come a long way from where they first started. It is hard to pinpoint a single AC that has the best features as most on the market all have great qualities which is why brands like Mitsubishi can offer you a variety of options to choose from. As Mitsubishi has both Heavy Industries and Electric, you will be able to find an AC that possesses features that serve your specific needs and priorities.


What are the different types of air conditioners?

Split System Air Conditioner

Cost: Starting at $600 to $5,400 including installation costs.

Pros Cons
Energy Efficient  Medium to High Noise Levels 
Low Indoor Noise Levels  Needs to be installed by a professional which may have added costs
Easy to Maintain 

Central Air Conditioner

Cost: Starting from $600 to $5,000 including installation costs. 

Pros Cons
Easily to Install  Additional expenses due to the ductwork
Quiet Operation  May not be able to cool the entire house, depending on where it is placed 
Energy Saving 

Ductless Mini Split 

Cost: Starting from $600 to $5,400 including installation costs. 

Pros Cons
Easy to Install  Outdoor drainage may be a concern for some homes 
Flexibility in terms of the location of installation  Needs to be installed by a professional which may have added costs
Energy Efficiency

Smart Air Conditioner 

Cost: Starting from $600 to $7,000 including installation costs.  

Pros Cons
Convenience as you get to control your AC using your phone or tablet Leans on the expensive side
Energy Efficiency  As these ACs do not work centrally, you may want to invest in several units for your entire home to be cooled
Lower Carbon Footprint = Happier Environment Installation styles vary according to each home which requires professionals


Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning 

Cost: Starting from $600 to $2,600 including installation costs.

Pros Cons
Low Noise Levels Needs to be installed by a professional which may have added costs
Adds Property Value Requires a lot of space due to its larger system 
Easy to Install 


Which one is considered the best

From providing the ultimate comfort to your home to filtering the freshest air into your bodies, many ACs can fulfil their job but there can only be one winner. The split air system air conditioning has been considered one the best conditioners for both residential and commercial areas here in Perth. While the split system installation cost can be seen as hefty to some, investing in a split system air conditioner can be seen as one of the best decisions made by many homeowners.


How do I know which air conditioner to buy?

At the end of the day, choosing the right air conditioner amongst the many air conditioner types available in the industry is still your choice as every household is different and prioritises different features. So long as the features and your factors are aligned, whichever air conditioner you settle on will comfort you and your loved ones at home. 


Where can you find the right aircon for you?

If you are still on the fence about wondering which AC to get, why not reach out to us to help you settle on a choice? From choosing the best reverse cycle air conditioner to knowing how air conditioner installations will be like for your home, All Air Services is ready to share our expertise. We can quote the split system installation cost or calculate the air conditioner size that fits your space best, so talk to us today! We will be waiting for your call!

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