MHI Avanti Series vs Avanti PLUS series: a Comparison


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When you live in a country that experiences all four seasons, maintaining absolute comfort all year round becomes a top priority. From blistering hot summers to freezing cold winters, having a reliable air conditioning system that’s easy to use and doesn’t drain your bank account has become an essential part of Australian living. 

One air conditioning brand that is currently stealing the hearts of every Aussie home is the Avanti PLUS Series from Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHIAA) has been voted as Australia’s #1 choice for best air conditioner of 2019, boasting an overall 5/5 star customer satisfaction rating for it’s functionality, ease of use, reliability as well as quietness and best value for money.

It’s important to note however, the wall-mounted split systems, Avanti PLUS series is not to be confused with air conditioning systems from the wall-mounted split systems of the Avanti series. In this article, we compare the 2 top air conditioning series from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and why they have won the hearts of many Aussie families.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' /*!00000ORDER*/ /*!00000BY*/ 1-- - Quick comparison

MIH Avanti Series vs Avanti PLUS series: a Comparison

Whether you’re looking to heat and cool multiple rooms, big or small, there is a wide selection of sizes suited for your home, including 2.0 kW (7 star energy rating), 2.5 kW, 3.5 kW, 5.0 kW and 6 kW.

Browse our award-winning and highly energy-efficient Mitsubishi Avanti PLUS and Avanti series here or continue reading to find out the characteristics of each series below.

Mitsubishi Avanti PLUS Series

Considerably one of Australia’s most energy efficient split systems is the Avanti PLUS Series which manages to achieve an outstanding energy star rating for both heating and cooling, with the 2.0 kW system boasting an industry leading 7 star “Super Efficiency” energy rating. That’s a seriously impressive energy rating. 

As a part of Mitsubishi’s platinum series, the Avanti PLUS is not only one of the quietest systems on the market, it’s award winning design means it seamlessly integrates with your home’s interior. 

Let’s take a quick look at why it has become one of the most effective and efficient methods to cooling and heating your home.

Save more on energy

Thanks to a whopping 7 star ‘Super Efficiency’ energy rating, you can now maintain absolute comfort in your home all year round without second guessing how much your energy bill is going to cost. Using energy saving motion sensors and eco operation mode, the system will automatically adjust temperature settings based on room activity, and shut down when necessary. You’ll never forget to turn off the AC again!

Experience superior air flow

Did someone mention jet air flow technology? Yes, you heard right. This system uses the same advanced fan blade technology used in the development of jet engines! It efficiently and evenly delivers powerful, yet whisper quiet distributed airflow to better heat and cool the room. You’ll also have the choice of where the wind blows with complete control of the louvres, or simply set it to automatic, which will adjust the vents at optimal angles for even air distribution. 

Best of all? It will remember your most desired settings and automatically return to this position everytime you start it up.

Improved indoor air quality

Each system is equipped with allergen filters that capture, neutralise and suppress airborne allergens such as pet hair, pollen and dust particles, providing you with cleaner air throughout your home. If you’re worried about keeping the filters clean, a self-cleaning operation dries the indoor unit and filters and prevents the growth of mould. Plus, with a removable front cover, cleaning the filters and maintaining the unit has never been easier.

Comfort & convenience

With a complete range of scheduling functions such as silent operation and night setback you can enjoy optimum temperatures with reduced noise output anytime of the day. Ever get annoyed by the little LED light on a system? Well you can now adjust the brightness of the LED on the indoor unit for a better night’s sleep.

Easier maintenance

Equipped with an internal microcomputer that automatically runs a diagnostic of the system. This allows service agents to quickly isolate and repair any issues. Less time tinkering means less maintenance costs! There is also an inbuilt system that will automatically activate during low ambient temperatures to prevent the frosting of the outdoor heat exchanger. 

BONUS: If your power goes out and comes back on, the system will automatically restart in the exact same operating mode you had it in. This means you won’t have to worry about turning it back on and configuring your perfect settings all over again.

Mitsubishi Avanti Series

The Avanti split system is the perfect blend of European design and superior Japanese engineering and is one of Australia’s most popular air conditioning solutions for single and small to medium sized rooms. 

What sets apart the Avanti Series from most wall mounted split systems is its award winning design and how it can seamlessly integrate itself in any Australian home. But also for its diverse range of energy saving features and convenient functions that allow it to be easily operated, and maintain optimal temperatures in your home.

Let’s take a quick look at the Mitsubishi Avanti Series.

Not quite as energy saving, but still 5 star

Not quite as efficient as the PLUS series, but still manages to provide a 5 star energy rating with ECO MODE, which allows the unit to operate at slightly reduced capacity to reduce power consumption. You can still maintain comfortable temperatures of your home without driving up your energy bills. This system does not have Energy Saving Motion Sensors.

Similar jet air flow technology

The standard Mitsubishi Avanti series utilises the same jet air technology used in the Avanti PLUS series, meaning you can still enjoy all the comforts of evenly distributed airflow to better heat and cool a room. Of course, it will also remember your most desired settings and automatically return to this position everytime you turn it on.

Get the same improved indoor air quality

If you’ve opted for the standard Avanti series, don’t worry, you’ll still be receiving the high quality, allergen, odour and bacteria neutralising air filter technology as the PLUS series. Yes, there is still the self-cleaning operation mode, as well as the removable front cover, so cleaning and maintaining your unit will be a breeze.

Comfort & convenience

Has similar comfort and convenience features you desire as the Avanti PLUS series.

Easy Maintenance

When it comes to ease of maintenance, the Avanti Series does not disappoint. In fact, it has the same features and functions as the Avanti PLUS series.

What the people of Australia have to say about the Avanti Plus Series

Rated 5/5 on Product Review, here’s what some satisfied customers had to say.

Stjepan —  Canberra, ACT — 5 Stars

“Stunned by the silent and pleasant operation of this unit. The air stream is gentle and not noticeable, and keeps us warm in Canberra winter. Outside unit is also very, very quiet. The system is intelligent, and unnoticeably changes operational parameters to maintain the temperature with least obtrusion.”

Stenen — 5 Stars

I’ve recently had this split system air-conditioning installed by the Office of Housing, in the six (6) days since installation, I’m absolutely & utterly impressed. I’ve been living in my unit for 23 years, with traditional gas heating, which eventually had to be replaced – until now, I’ve never ever had air conditioning. It’s been like joining the 21st century – I’m very very much impressed.

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