What Rain Does (or Doesn’t Do) to Your AC

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There are many elements that affect an AC unit, regardless of its make and model. It accumulates dust, and its parts leak and get rusty. Other types of units, however, have more exposure to natural factors like the weather. As such, owners fear that they may easily break under harsh conditions.

Many believe that turning the AC unit on when raining can cause damage and degrade indoor air quality. But, what does rain really do to your AC? And, what doesn’t it do?

What Rain Doesn’t Do to Air Conditioner

Rain doesn’t damage the outdoor unit of the AC. Even a downpour won’t hurt it. The components of the outdoor unit are made to withstand these elements. Snow won’t damage it, either.

When the unit gets wet, the metal fins let air circulate inside it. So, they dry out moisture. Covering it when the air conditioning season is over can cause rust to grow in the components. It also traps moisture, which leads to leakage and mould infestation.cooling and heating services

Unless it has exposure to floods and standing water, the AC unit won’t have any serious damage.

What Rain Does to Air Conditioner

Rain doesn’t have a direct effect on your AC unit, but it does on your indoor air. Using air conditioners when raining is a good way to reduce humidity. As air moves over the indoor evaporator coil, the moisture in it condenses. The PVC tubing then drains it, causing the air to dry when the sun shines again.

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