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Is Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Fit For Winter?

As we say goodbye to the beautiful, warm and sunny weather in Perth and reluctantly ...


MHI Avanti Series vs Avanti PLUS series: a Comparison

Why more Aussie families are choosing Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for their cooling & heating solution. ...


How to Spot, Prevent and Remove Black Mould in your Air Conditioner

How to Spot, Prevent and Remove Black Mould Before it Becomes a Health Risk Mould ...

Tips, Troubleshooting

Why is My AC Remote Not Working? | 4 Simple Steps on How to Troubleshoot Your AC Remote

Picture a cold stormy night. You’re laying in bed, snuggled up under the covers and ...


Can Air Conditioning Spread COVID-19?

Amidst all the fear and confusion, widespread panic has caused a number of allegations to ...


Can Your Air Conditioner Trigger Your Allergy or Make You Sick?

Ever get that feeling your air conditioner might be making you sick? It could be ...

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