How Much Does It Cost To Run An Air Conditioner Compared To Other Household Appliances?

Residential Air Conditioner System

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy. A beautiful sentiment in John Denver’s hit single, but less enjoyable when the sun is scorching the top of your home, and in turn scorching your power bill. Or, does it? 

If you run your air conditioner intelligently, and make an informed purchase to buy an air conditioner with a good energy efficiency label, the cost isn’t as significant as you might think. 

When you do everything to maximise the energy efficiency of your air conditioner, its running cost is actually comparable to other household appliances, and can actually be cheaper!  In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know when comparing the running cost of your air conditioner to other household appliances. 


Saint-Mandé How To Efficiently Run Your Air Conditioner

Have you ever tried to drive your car with the handbrake on? Obviously, it significantly reduces the performance of your car, and also damages it. This is the same principle as trying to run your air conditioner inefficiently. We go into detail about how to run your air conditioner efficiently in another article, but the 7 basic steps include: 

1. Buy a system with a good energy rating label 

2. Buy an appropriately sized air conditioner for the size of your space (small air con, small room–big air con, big room) 

3. Cool down the space before it gets too hot 

4. Reduce heat transfer between rooms and close doors 

5. Get the system serviced regularly (air conditioner service cost is worth it!)

6. Insulate your space from the heat outside 

7. Use an efficient temperature What Is An Efficient Air Conditioner Wattage?

It might be obvious, but the wattage means how much power it takes to run the system. A normal split system system for a small room of about 12 square meters will be 2kW. Meanwhile a larger room will use anywhere up to a 10kW system, such as this Mitsubishi Bronte. A ducted system may have an even higher kW and go into the high teens!

Even though a lower kW system will use less power, if it is overworked in a bigger room, it will drain more! I like to use the analogy of a car towing a trailer. A small car that is redlining to tow something will use more petrol than a car designed to tow the load. You can read more on how to run your air conditioner efficiently here


multifariously Why Is Air Conditioning Electricity Efficiency Important? 

Air conditioning efficiency is important because of 3 reasons. These reasons include: 

1. It is kinder on your power bill 

2. It is kinder on your air conditioner and it will last longer

3. It is kinder to the environment!


How Much Does An Air Conditioner Cost To Run? 

If you’re running your air conditioning efficiently, and you have an efficient system, such as the Mitsubishi Avanti PLUS, your average cost to run your air conditioner will be $0.13-$0.36 per hour. 


Which Household Appliances Cost MORE To Run Than Your Air Conditioner?

So, we’ve already touched on the hows and whys of energy efficient air conditioners, so let’s cover the what. What is more expensive to run than an air conditioner? Now reverse cycle air conditioners, ducted systems, and split system air conditioning prices to run will vary, but these appliances will cost more on average. 

Kitchen Appliances 

The appliances in the kitchen can cost anywhere between $0.42-$1.33 per hour to run, a fair bit more than it takes to cool your home with an air conditioner. But is this any surprise? Things like the oven and the fridge are essentially a smaller, but more intense heater/air conditioner. 

Cleaning Appliances 

The vacuum, believe it or not, uses up a lot of power. This is especially true if it is a ducted vacuum system. Irons and vacuums cost between $0.41-$0.82 per hour to run. 

Clothes Dryers 

The washing machine for sure will use up a lot of power, but not as much as the clothes dryer. The clothes dryer, especially if it is an older model of clothes dryer, can cost even greater than a ducted air conditioner cost. Usually, clothes dryers run at about $0.5-$3.14 per hour. 


Death by a thousand cuts. It doesn’t take much to run just a single light, but most of the time you’ll have more than one light on at a time at night. It can cost anywhere between $0.24-$1.68 per hour to run all of the lights in your house at the same time. 


Which Household Appliances Cost LESS To Run Than Your Air Conditioner?

Small Appliances

Computers, tablets, phones, printers and all of your personal technology items cost as little as 1 cent to run per hour. 

Water Heating

Water heating accounts for at least 25% of a household’s energy use, not because it is expensive, but because it is used so much. It usually costs between $0.05-$0.14 to run something like a standard bath. 


People often refuse to use the dishwasher thinking it uses up a lot of power. In fact, they cost as little as $0.12-$0.56 per hour to run.


When it comes to TVs, we’re talking about bigger plasma and LED models that use more power. Typically, they cost between 1 cent and $0.14 to run per hour. 


Where To Browse For An Energy Efficient Air Conditioner

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